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The POD issue or something! 😉 I know I mentioned I planned on trying CreateSpace, but the time is flying by so fast, that I postponed to next year. I’m already struggling with Kobo, I don’t want to learn another formatting for a POD – althought they’re probably very similar.

So this year’s novels with come out with Lulu – much like last year. I spent the weekend formatting, and trying to make them more professional than the BoI. I mean the chapter or story starts always on the odd(right) page, even if I have to leave blank pages every now and then.

Having redone also the two volumes of TSK, I put illustrations in the 3 or 4 blank pages between stories. I have also reformatted Soul Stealers for Digest size, so all three titles are currently unavailable for print until I get the new proofs and check them. I modified the covers to fit the Digest format, which is also cheaper on Lulu, as I can choose a cheaper paper.

As for the novels (all CVE novels and novellas), I put a small version of the cover under the title – I’m printing them bundled by two. I probably already mentioned it, but CVE1 will be printed with Allan de Sayek, CVE2 with Records of the Varian Empire and CVE3 with The Warrior Woman.

Still pondering if doing the bundled e-books as well. Or maybe Omnibus e-books of the BoI and the CVE, including all titles of each “series”. E-books don’t have page numbers and it might make for “beefier” e-book titles! 😉 

I also tried the DriveThru print program, as I’m not totally happy with the S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. printed versions I have on Lulu. Lulu handles A5, the format I draw on. I can’t use the “comic book” template, because that’s not the format I use. That’s why I chose Lulu instead of CreateSpace back in 2009 – for my comics and graphic novels. By the way, A5 fits perfectly on tablet/e-readers screens, so I don’t have to add the columns as explained in this excellent book on formatting for Nook and Kindle! 🙂

But this is the POD post, so back to the topic! Of Omnibus 1 I had done both the color and the b&w versions, but the color version is very expensive. DriveThru/Lightning Source offers a “standard color” version that is as cheap as the b&w, so I ordered them – paying with my royalties.

I struggled with the first upload as I hadn’t understood how the cover template worked, but once I got it right, it was almost as easy as Lulu (nobody beats the Lulu Cover Wizard, LOL). It will also help when I’ll have to use a “spine calculator” somewhere else (CreateSpace? This one was from Lighning Source). I had to add 3 pages as well, compared to the Lulu version, as they want the last page to be blank – so I filled the spots with illustrations of the characters. It was quite slow as it took 10 days (and an e-mail asking DriveThru what was going on) to have the two books printed and sent to me. I received them last week, and here’s the comparison.

Covers: looking pretty much the same. The Lulu version has the yellow band to differentiate the color and the b&w edition. But the outside is very much alike.

Inside: tried to take a pic, ended up scanning the books, sorry they came out like this. DriveThru copy is in the center: same paper as Lulu b&w, but in color. The color are duller, but I like it better – they’re more comic-book-like! 😉 I actually thought that the color were too bright in the previous version… so from now on, I’ll print S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. with DriveThru – and they’re the only ones who have the PDF of the single issues as well. That’s because I couldn’t figure out how to get into ComiXology yet, LOL!

Anyway, here are the brand new printed books – also with the PDF available for 2 extra $:

S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. Omnibus 1

S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. Omnibus 2

As I have to order proofs from Lulu, the print versions announced above will probably go live in December. Hopefully sometimes this week I’ll have Records of the Varian Empire out in e-book format on Smashwords, Amazon and Kobo. Oh, and Smashwords finally tipped me on how to find my books on the i-Bookstore, so now I have the neat little widget (to Apple US, so if you’re in another country, ignore it…) on my sidebar and FindMyStuff page! 😉

Here’s how to do it (from Smashwords page):

September 27, 2012 – Apple iBookstore marketing resources.  Apple has an affiliate program that allows you to point your fans to your book at Apple and receive a 5% commission on all purchases within 72 hours.  Click here to learn about the Apple Affiliate program.  Apple has created a cool “Linkmaker” that makes it easy to find the hyperlink to your book at Apple.  Visit LinkMaker here:  http://itunes.apple.com/linkmaker/  Once you’ve got your affiliate code and your hyperlink, add the Apple logo to your website or blog.  Click here for instructions on how to access Apple badges.  Finally, how about a widget for your website or blog featuring a few of your titles?  Click here for WidgetBuilder:  http://widgets.itunes.apple.com/builder  I tried it myself for my three free ebooks over at my image repository blog and found it works quite well for listing one to three books.  View it here: Free Ebook Publishing Guides at Apple.
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