Writer Wednesday

Because there are so many new subscribers to this blog this year (thanks, y’all!), I thought I’d re-post the link to Happiness is… in print. It’s a collection of the first year of Happiness is… vignettes, “subtitled” in Italian and French – so if you want to learn two more languages, you can do it having fun. And making me happy, LOL!

I’m currently re-posting those vignettes, and yes, you can always see them for free on this blog, but if you’d like to give a present to someone or learn another language having fun, well, you can always buy the print version for your bookshelves. I know it looks outrageously expensive, but that’s  unfortunately the cost of printing. And as I’ve sold a grand total of one copy so far (yay!), I haven’t done year 2, nor a book that includes all 130+ Happiness done so far. If you think I should do it, leave a comment and for Christmas I’ll make sure there is an updated booklet to buy! 🙂

I’m still struggling with Kobo. No matter how many times I select “no DRM”, some titles keep having Adobe DRM on them. If it continues like this, I’ll go through Smashwords again – at least for the titles with ISBN – at least they’ll be DRM free! 😦 Tried one last time to update all titles with no DRM, changing the publishing date to later (I had uploaded them with the original publishing dates, but the support said they noticed some titles were “published” before Writing Life went live, so I made sure all publishing dates were after that day. Maybe they want me to put a date of when I opened the account? Why do they allow to put an older date if it doesn’t work, mmm? Ah, well… joys of technology, I guess).

I’m adding the links here again, so I can check one last time when this goes live if the DRM is off on all titles.

Barbara G.Tarn

B.G. Hope

Barbara Sangiorgio

all on Kobo. Soon I’ll have a new title to upload, we’ll see if it will be as hard as it has been for the “backlist”, sigh!

Spent the weekend between writing the B.G. Hope’s title, final pass on Records of the Varian Empire (now with the Editor and New Beta) and drawing SKYBAND. And yes, I got to draw the infamous page – I’m still wondering if I should censor that part with a balloon or do two versions, page 15 censored and page 15 uncensored! 😉 Monday Desktop was on strike (it sometimes crashes with no reason, sigh), but I managed to color a page. Yesterday I was kinda late, so again I did only a couple of pages… alternating with B.G. Hope’s title – that used to be a screenplay, by the way, so I’m having fun adding stuff that couldn’t go in the screenplay.

And because winter is suddenly here, my dear car Julia a.k.a. JJ needed repairs, the fridge was empty and all of the above, I didn’t have time to check any blog… so I don’t have any links to share, sorry. OK, I got this Kickstarter link for Roger Zelazny, so if you’d like to help him, there are only a few days left… I wish you all a wonderful week! 😀

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  1. have an awesome week 😀


  2. Hi Barb,
    Best Wishes for your book. The Happiness is…cartoons are awesome. I love the way you capture those little things that make us happy but we ignore them – preferring to wallow in self-pity, thinking only about things that make us unhappy.
    Best Wishes for the book and for everything that you are doing. I’d love to see your books go viral.
    – Shafali


  3. Waah, I’m recycling because I’ve run out of happiness! 😦
    That’s OK, it’s good to be reminded of what I came up with 2 or 3 years ago! 😀
    I’d love to go viral too, but I don’t think it will happen this year. Still aiming for a 2015 goal… 😉



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