Happiness is…

Published 29/10/2012 by Barb


10 comments on “Happiness is…

  • you’ve to grab the happiness. Yesterday, I read a quote that if you do actions what you did before then you’d get results what you got before so new results can come with some new actions. wish you best of luck 😉


    • i think I’ve seen one shooting star in my life and was so NOT ready that I didn’t amke a wish, haha! 😀
      And you usually repeat the actions until you learn your lesson… karma! But eventually you grow tired of the same results and you change your actions! 😉


    • Like I said, I spent entire summers on that balcony looking for any… especially in August (they say August 10 is the best day for shooting stars) – and then finally saw ONE in the new millennium, when I spent only a day or two on that balcony (I don’t have summer vacations with DayJob, so it’s harder for me now to go there, LOL)!


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