Writer Wisdom Sunday

Every Sunday until November and unless I have a guest, I will share words of wisdom from writers on writing. Enjoy!

You can’t wait for someon to come in and save you. Get out there with whatever means are at your disposal.

– Allegra Huston (daughter of John and sister of Anjelica) after crowd-funding her short “Good Luck, Mr Gorski”

The path to success is a path, not a destination. Making yourself happy, sharing your art, or whatever your goals are, requires constant adjustment along this changing path. We will all be making decisions in our writing careers. I challenge you not to see those decisions as right or wrong, but as just another span in an ever-flowing path that is your writing career. It will ebb and flow but it will never freeze unless you let it.

– Posted by Domey Malasar, author/blogger

Beautiful stories are emerging. A few days ago I read about a woman publishing her first e-book on her 72nd birthday. The vision-impaired have returned to reading because they can now adjust the font size. Families are sharing Kindles and a love of stories together. It’s an evolution, a revolution, and the greatest moment in human communication since Gutenberg. We are connected here in this common dream. There’s no expiration date on magic.

–Scott Nicholson

Never use someone else’s process word for word. It’s your process; it’s what’s in you! “Follow this guy’s process and use this colored paper” – never do that! Never take advice that sounds like instructions. If youw ant to do that, buy a coloring book. Be your own creative.

– Max Landis (filmmaker son of John Landis)

No matter what you do as an indie publisher, you must be writing first. You must be creating product.

In the first golden age of fiction, the pulp writers got very, very rich at 1 cent per word in the middle of the Depression.

We are in a new golden age of publishing.

We can write a few books, treat them like events and spoiling fruit, or we can write all the time, have fun, write what we want, put them up, and then just keep writing.

We now have the choice to go either to traditional publishing or do it ourself with indie publishing.

But just as it has been for hundreds of years, the writers who will make it on either side, traditional or indie, are the writers who just keep writing.

And that really is the secret.

– Dean Wesley Smith

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  1. Lovely words of wisdom, Barb. Indie publishing really has changed the whole landscape of publishing.


    • we’re having the same revolution that hit the music industry with Napster… and Filmmaking is following!
      It’s a great time to be a writer! 🙂


  2. Love these quotes and advice! Yes, the trick is to never stop writing.



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