Random Friday

While I wait for DriveThru to send me the print version of SKYBAND Omnibus (trying to switch POD, here, can you tell? 😉 I’ll probably end up with 3, LOL! I’ll have to keep Lulu for some things, and then use CreateSpace for novels and short story collections and then maybe DriveThru for the graphic novel…), here’s the little “special” about chapter 12 – or another Art Friday of some kind.

First of all, this chapter was half inspired by an old comic of mine. Here you have the original page, started on May 1st, 1982 (the whole 6 pages comic was finished 2 months later – I was still in high school and worked on it in my free time, LOL).

Just imagine… (OK, now I’m thinking about Krrish as this line is actually in English, so it’s very easy to remember – and repeated quite often at the beginning of the movie, LOL!) Ahem! Just imagine 16-year-old Barb drawing that? How must have she felt when she had to draw a *gasp* naked breast? Probably the same way 47-year-old Barb will feel when she reach the page of this very same chapter that isn’t inspired from this comic and where her good friend and cover artist Cristina added an anatomic male part I had so carefully censored in the original drawing, LOL! Some things never change, some things do… (yikes, not it’s Matrix Reloaded! I really should stop talking with movie lines, haha! 😀 But at least now I got both muses in mind, hehe! ;)).

Anyway, here’s how that scene turned out – with our SKYBAND characters instead of that so-called sci-fi story (you can tell it’s sci-fi because of all those alien humanoids with strange colors – yeah, I watched a lot of anime back then, even my style was very manga/anime! ;)).

Yup, two pages instead of one now – and yes, it’s not colored nor lettered yet, but it was just to show you how I redesigned the scene… Originally I was inspired by BDs (French comics), which had many more frames in one panel. Now I’ve reduced the frames to 6 per page, hence the need of 2 pages or 3 where I had 1. And no, in this case I didn’t blush – I had already drawn Ylenia’s breasts in the previous chapter where they went to a public bath, so they were all naked (and censored in their lower parts, haha).

So Ylenia, Nadira and Swan get some kind of remake of the original 1982 comic, and Killius gets his own spotlight (yeah, it’s his privates that you’ll see, courtesy of Cristina – and no, I won’t post a preview on this blog! ;)) while the other 3 will have to free them from slavery. Sadist Author never sleeps, mwahahaha! This is not really a spoiler, as it’s on the cover of the chapter, LOL!

Now, hopefully this weekend I’ll manage to continue inking between an upload and the other on Kobo and finishing those Records of the Varian Empire… I probably won’t touch the pencils, as I have enough drawings for my calendars this year. I tried to order one on Zazzle, but they refused to print it because it’s drawings of a celebrity (but then, while it was still in the making, I got the email saying “continue your design, we think it has potential!” – and then they tell me “your order was canceled”, sigh), so I ordered both on Lulu. Whenever I get them, I’ll post pics (I already have one, but I modified it, so I’ll show you the final version).

Movie reviews… next week, I guess. I watched only the Bollywood remake of Madame Bovary, but having not read the book (although I downloaded it on my Kindle from Project Guttenberg), I can’t compare. I can only say that SRK was cute when he was young! 😉 And that’s before he made it big with Darr and Baazigar! 😀

Anyway, have a great weekend!

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  1. You’re teasing us :p

    Okay, I’m with you on the masculine part – not sure I could draw that myself! But then I’m not drawing female genitalia either. Breasts I can do but past that… LOL!

    I liked the original version, too – it was fun (though have no idea what anyone is saying!)


    • well, I’m most certainly teasing YOU as the only reader of this graphic novel! 😉

      Same here, I can draw breasts, bu not genitalia… and the dialog wasn’t too changed (except for the names, of course) from the original… my writing skills of 1982 are not worth exploring, trust me! 😀



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