Writer Wednesday

This week apparently everybody talks about promotion and social media. You have Dean Wesley Smith with two posts on promotion (sort of part 1 and part 2). Re: those – I blog because I like it, not because I’m promoting my books (hence the random Fridays). Yes, on Wednesdays I talk about writing in general, but I know this blog is not for my readers, it’s for me and my friends and whoever decided to hit that “follow” button for whatever reason (thank you, by the way).

Then you have a “study” about Dark Social – whatever that mean. I did buy my first computer in the late 90s, but I used it as a typewriter. I don’t remember when I added an internet connection, but for sure I used only e-mail(s) and some web crawling for research purpose… I still don’t Tweet, and have a moderate use of Facebook – the author profile only gets this blog posts through Networked Blogs, more or less. OK, sometimes I share something from DeviantART, but not always.

And finally a very funny post on How to really get more likes on Facebook, by posting something likeable, doh! 😀 And I hope you got to Kris Rusch’s post on disappearing writers that will end up being in 3 parts, so watch out for the last piece coming out tomorrow…

Now, I opened a Kobo account and opted out all my titles from Smashwords distribution. I wasn’t selling through them anyway. And as I’m in Italy, it has the Mondadori logo as well. I have found out last Friday that Kobo e-readers are sold at the Mondadori bookstores (it’s one of the Italian Big6, in case you don’t know, belongs to Mr.B.), so I thought “Cool!” – except, again, Italians in general don’t read. But that’s another story. Next weekend I hope to upload everything direct-to-Kobo.

I still need Smashwords to get to B&N, where I “sell” a lot (i.e. it’s mostly free downloads, much like at Sony. At Kobo, not even the free titles through Smashwords… mysteries of ebook shops!). And I still want to publish that last Silvery Earth title for this year before moving on to other projects (well, Star Minds but also the B.G.Hope title).

Now I considered putting it here, but as it’s more artworks than writing, I’ll postpone my SKYBAND “special” to Friday! I won’t do all Art Fridays, promise! 🙂

Have a great week!

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