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As promised, here’s some “art tips”. Last week-end I used my procrastination technique drawing Hritik Roshan. So this drawing is now in the frame I photographed last week.

I also did another that I posted in The DeviantArt gallery and one I haven’t posted because it was an experiment. I might post it when I redo that pic in another way, so you can compare. I’m also trying to do 12 drawings so I can do a calendar – I’ve started working on it and I already ordered the Keanu Drawings calendar on Lulu (the Hritik one I’ll do on Zazzle, so I can compare quality), it’s the first year I don’t do them with Word.doc, LOL!

Anyway, Shafali asked me what pencils I use (I will spare you the rest of the discussion, LOL), so let me introduce you to this 20th century relic!

Tadaan! That box was bought back in 1985 for the outrageous sum of 28.000£ (which is now 14euros or 20$, but it was a lot back then). Some of the colors inside are still the original pencil, but some… I bought the single color many times (especially the black, but also dark blue, “skin pink”, and most browns and orange/red) and the price of the single pencil went from 1200£ to 2euros (4000£). Yeah, an expensive hobby!

Anyway, while I was at it, I took pics also of my other drawing materials – paper (240gr A4) and mostly tracing paper. I’m the queen of tracing for portraits colored with Caran D’Ache! 🙂 That’s why they look so different from the weekly vignette or the graphic novels, LOL! You can also see the yellow paper I use for B&W portraits. So, that’s the hobby stuff, to decompress from writing and producing more work! 😉

Now, a couple of DVD reviews… I watched 2 more Bollywood movies from the pile, one I recommend, the other… not so much! 😉 Here we go.

Johnny Gaddaar is a very good thriller with no dance numbers and a plot where if something goes wrong it can only get worse. I saw the trailer somewhere and was happy to have bought it, even if it doesn’t have any of my fave stars, but introduces the guy of New York and has “Mrs Sweety Dixit” of Dhoom series fame. It even has realistic movie injuries, so if you like thrillers, this is a good one – and it’s not too Bollywoodish, if you hate those dance numbers! 😉

The other is Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon – the smart lady in Long Island gave it to me, and I bought it just because*. Except I don’t like Hritik when he plays the happy-go-lucky, he looks too much like Jim Carrey who is a wonderful actor in dramas, but I hate him in comedies. So, this is a rom-com and it’s waaaaay too long (3 hours). Lots of songs and dance thingies and all that stuff and the love triangle and meh. Oh, and Abishek clean-shaven, LOL. But no, not really worth your time. And I still prefer brooding Hritik to happy-go-lucky Hritik (which got worse in the following movie, Koi mil gaya, sigh). He didn’t even dance much here, so why bother? 😉

Next on the pile are the SRK movies, both old and new… next week! Have a great weekend!

*in case you’re wondering “just because” has been the main reason to watch movies for me since the 1980s. The name changed throughout the years, of course, sometimes I had more than one on the list, but they were always actors. If you asked me a director’s name, I couldn’t tell any. Well, now I can, but originally I couldn’t. Not saying the trend started with Karan Johar, but almost, LOL! To me it was the faces in the movie that made the story, not some unseen bloke directing them (or writing their lines… and I’m a writer, haha!)… Visual person, in case you didn’t notice! 😉 It was either the face(s) or the story/genre – let’s say 60% the face 40% the story/genre… yeah, that’s how twisted I am! 🙂

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  1. Great drawing of Hritik! You got the angles and planes just right! I’m impressed.

    I also agree that he’s much better in real drama films than rom-coms. I feel like his talent is wasted in the fluff stuff. I feel that way about Shah Rukh too.



    • That’s why I sooo hope that Krrish 2 (or 3) is “darker” than the previous 2! 😉 Krishna is a dumb wonder boy, LOL! He gets better when he becomes Krrish and broods all over to the island of the bad guy… let’s hope they explore that part of him in the currently filming movie… 😀 (not to mention the fact that Krishna has shoulder-length hair and is clean-shaven, unlike Vijay in Agneepath, haha!)


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