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So, Indie Books List has stopped posting. They had my free excerpts last year, but this year I never sent them anything – I felt it was overcrowded and didn’t bring in sales. Please take your time to read their post on why they stopped posting those excerpts. I think Jack and Shaina are spot on! So, what do I call myself now? I think I’ll settle for writer/artist with a small publishing imprint, LOL!

Thing is… I’m not sure I found any of the communities mentioned by Shon on Blood Red Pencil. My family and my offline friends don’t speak English and if they do, they’re not very supportive – I can count who really supports me in this endeavor on one hand… Most go “How is your book doing?” – the previous version was “how is your book coming along” – to which the answer is still “Which book?!”. Much like the earlier version, the friend stare into space or looks at me as if I’ve grown another head (previous case: s/he reminds me what I told him/her so I can fill him/her in) and then goes “why, you published more than one?”. Doh! I’m too prolific for my friends to keep up with me, LOL!

The stealth critique group – not sure I found it yet. I keep changing beta-readers because they get busy and I lose them, sigh. The writer community… not sure I belong to any. But I like being “different” – which is the underlying theme of most of my writing. Considering it took me 30+ years to accept it, I’ve very happy about it. The publishing community – yes, I met some great small presses or indie authors, but they mostly live in North America, so we have different challenges. The audience… still looking for my readers. I know they’ll come! 🙂

And eventually we’ll all go to the libraries across America, especially if the Big 6 keep doing what they’re doing. Read the guest librarian on Joe Konrath’s blog. As for success… see SPAL’s post about why you might not succeed (which pairs well with the above link of Indie Books List). I think the key to success is figuring out what you really really want from your writing. Write stories and share them with the world? Get rich quick? Whatever your choice may be, make it an informed choice.

Now, you might even want to disappear… are you one of these writers? Kris Rusch explores the disappearing writers (part one, part two will come out tomorrow on her blog, so go back to it). Personally, I’m not going to disappear, but her post made me understand a little better my writer friends who “gave up” – nothing wrong with it, it’s a matter of choice and I respect you for it! 🙂

For me, you know I married Mr Writing and I’m nowhere near divorce, LOL! While I wait for betas, I work on something else. Like the Varian Empire – originally I intended to publish up to its fall, but now I decided that I’ll tell you about it next year, along with the Amazon stories. There’s another story that is not set in the Amazons Country but deals with Amazons as well, so showing the fall of the Empire and its aftermath sounds fine even for next year.

Thus, Silvery Earth will see one last title this year, a short story collection (maybe I’ll bundle them by characters as well) that goes between CVE2 and CVE3 – so part 1 is a sequel of The Left-handed Warrior, part 2 is a prequel to The Enlightened Emperor. I’ll be working on the print editions as well.

In November I hope to write another B.G.Hope title – sort of romance. December is Star Minds month, when I’ll probably also outline book 3&4 that will come out next year. I’ll also do some art of the characters, as they’re being very persistent with it. I still have to figure out how to do those sketches – tracing from pictures or improvising.

Friday I’ll do an art post about the colored pencil portraits, but in the case of Star Minds I know it will be like the covers and the graphic novel – a drawing inked and then scanned and colored with Photoshop. “A” drawing? I have a dozen characters, sigh! And of course I’d rather spend my days drawing only two… Mean Author who has favorites! 😉

Talking about authors who do their own art, may I point you to Joleene Naylor’s blog? Her Amaranthine series special edition is out! With lots of goodies! Her characters are as bothersome as mine, IMHO… but that’s why I want them to meet, LOL! So watch out for character interviews on her blog in December.

But in the meantime, if you haven’t tried this vampire saga yet, go and give it a try. I still have to read book 4 – darn TBR pile never goes down, sigh! – and look forward to it. Maybe I’ll end up buying the print versions… no, I’ll save shelf space, LOL! One more book in the Smashwords library, which makes… GAAH! 40 books! 😦 I’ll never find the time to read them all!

OK, back to writing and reading… Drawing only on weekends… glad Jo’s busy, so she won’t notice SKYBAND is on the back-burner again! 😀 Have a great week! 😉

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  1. aha! i did notice! Nice try though… LOL!

    i think it’s interesting as more traditional writers go indy, more indies want to hide that they are indie… i like being indy, but then I am not a good model of blazing success, LOL!

    hanks for the shoutout – I had other comments but this thing keeps freezing so better to post and run


    • Ooops! LOL! 😀
      We have the success we want to have. We reached our goal. We had realistic expectations. So we’re doing fine. Somebody else might thing we suck and don’t sell and whatnot – but we don’t care!
      I know what you mean about WP freezing, so I’ll keep this short too! 😦 Gaah!


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