Writer Wisdom Sunday

Every Sunday until November and unless I have a guest, I will share words of wisdom from writers on writing. Enjoy!


If you plan to write for profit, please understand that it is a long, congested road. I self-publish my books only in electronic format. This market has few barriers to entry, which both helps and hurts. I have invested in a professionally designed website and book covers. The burden of publicizing the book falls solely on my wife and me. The internet is crowded, and that crowd generates a lot of noise, which hides the book of an unknown author. Breaking through the background noise is difficult and at times feels like an impossibility no matter how good your book may be. That’s what I think new writers should know.

– Joseph M.Rinaldo, indie author


Most writers are so stupid about the business they think they sell stories (We don’t, we license copyright).

– Dean Wesley Smith


But aside from all that buzz about influencers and reputational analysis, let’s not gorget that whole social is social thing. And the thing about being social is that it’s fun!

Sure, you may be an introvert like, me, but you can pick and choose your experiences. You can make reach out to people, and soon enough those virtual friends may become your real friends. This is increasingly how we connect with like-minded people, and the best part is that it works.

It’s really fun to do, and you can make the experience whatever you want. If you like Twitter, do that. If you like blogging, do that. If you’re a Facebook maven, go for it. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it and you can invent your own way if it didn’t exist.

– Nathan Bransford


For hundreds of years, writers couldn’t reach readers without publishers. We needed them. Now, suddenly, we don’t. But publishers don’t seem to be taking this Very Important Fact into account.

– Joe Konrath


Art, whether it is visual or literary or musical or whatever, is a living thing that thrives on experimentation and exploration. The digital age is offering all of us the most mind-blowing scope for experiment and exploring. You could do anything. ANYTHING. The possibilities are beyond anything we have so far encountered.

All you need is imagination and a bit of daring to take that step forward and just try.

– Vivienne Tuffnell – author and blogger

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  1. These are fabulous quotes. I particularly like the one from Joseph M.Rinaldo – so true 😉


  2. Viv

     /  07/10/2012

    Ha, I got quoted!!!
    Thanks Barb!! (I wish I could remember where I wrote that ~ mind like a seive at present)


    • yeah, I should have linked to the post where you wrote it! 😉 Can’t remember anymore, but it was probably last year or before… meh! From now on, I’ll try to add the link of WHERE I find the quotes, LOL! 😀


  3. That Joe Konrath quote is brilliant.




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