Random Friday

I’m going to start this with the MoW (movie of the week) – could have been 2, but I preferred reading for once, so I watched only one DVD of my Bollywood pile: Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage or “don’t fall in love with a mob boss daughter even if you have Hritik’s muscles”. We’re used to suspend our disbelief when watching a movie, but a half-dead man (meaning “supposedly beaten to death”) that gets up and starts punching baddies with just a few bruises is kinda unrealistic. Could have ended like Romeo&Juliet and would have made more sense! 😉 The dance numbers were great, the songs were OK, but I did feel it was kinda long. I mean, I could have told that story in 2 hours instead of 3 – much like Meet Joe Black, although you can contemplate Brad at his best, but it’s way too long. And lots of fake backgrounds as well – and it wasn’t even dream scenes like in Mission Kashmir.

Anyway, let’s hope I overdose so I can move on to the next muse, LOL! In the meantime, here’s where he got: on the wall with #1! *gasp*

See him between Larry Elmore’s elven prince, Terry Moore’s David Qin (2 of them, pencils both), the red girl (dunno who did it, but I loved the drawing, it’s all pencils) and my Keanus? Yeah, so I can be distracted and procrastinate – or find more inspiration for Star Minds, LOL! Want to see it better, go to the DeviantART gallery, of course. I also used him as secondary character in SKYBAND 12, but it’s still in pencils, so you’ll have to wait to see that version – but it’s not that much alike, haha! Much like SRK in SKYBAND 2 – you’d never recognize him unless I tell you he was  the model for that passing character…

Now I better go back to beta-read… mostly because I interrupted to re-read Star Minds 2 (bad author, bad beta, bad friend – apologies to the person who trusted me with her manuscript, I really want to get back to her in a timely manner – hence no more Hritik until I’m done, LOL). And try to write those last Varian Empire stories before the Star Minds characters come back to bother me.

Oh, by the way… they’ll take over the blog on Sundays in December, hence you’ll see a slight difference in the phrasing of Sunday posts… only until November now, the rest next year! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  1. It’s a wall of hotness. now I have to go to DA….


  2. Nice Pictures……



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