Writer Wednesday

Oookay, links first! Joe Konrath interviews Marcus Sakey, so if you wanna buy an ebook for a good cause, go check that post.

Parallels between the music world and the publishing world – James Taylor suing his record company. Here’s to writers suing their publishers for damages and under-reported royalties! 😉

Kris Rusch on content is king – please check the comments as well, especially James’s story. And Konrath’s sales post has interesting considerations on the whole market – not that I have his sales numbers (maybe 0.1%?) but I still think he’s right in many ways. In my case royalties are evenly split between Amazon and Smashwords, so there’s no way I’m giving anyone exclusivity.

By the way, KDP has started sending an email when the title goes live – trying to lure authors into the Select/exclusivity trap. And because I uploaded the latest title twice, I got two of those. I’m used to that on Smashwords (where I also uploaded it twice because I didn’t like the epub version the Meatgrinder spat out), but Amazon… ah, well. Times they change, my friend.

Finally, a self-promoting link! Ha, you didn’t see that coming, huh? 😉 Anyway, another Silvery Earth story is out, a novella that follows CVE3. Ladies and gentlemen – The Warrior Woman! (Guess who the model on the cover is? ;)) Check it on Smashwords, Kindle and DriveThruFiction. Print versions of this year’s titles are in the works… no it’s not my nose getting longer, I’m not Pinocchio! Okay, maybe I am. I’m not really working on that yet. But I will before the end of the year, promise.

Which brings me to launch the 3 years blogoversary giveaway! Yes, this blog will be 3 years old soon – check the little counter on the sidebar if you don’t believe me! – so I will give away an e-copy of any of my books from Smashwords to a lucky winner. That’s 30+ titles to choose from (some are already free, so they don’t count). Please comment on this post only to be entered. Winner will be announced next Wednesday.

Last but not least – writer’s update. Still working on the Star Mind series, hoping to finish the Records of the Varian Empire before starting book 3. But then, I still have to figure out a couple of things before I start that one, LOL! So I’ll probably finish book 2 this week and get back to Silvery Earth next week. Then, if I have a decent outline, I can write book 3 of the science-fantasy series, or I can write a BG Hope longer work (novel or novella, dunno yet). Because I’m doing it for fun (although the money is appreciated), I’ll just follow my inspiration as usual. And no, I have no idea of what “writer’s block” is, in case you didn’t notice! 😉

Aaaall this while inking (and then coloring and then lettering) SKYBAND 12! 😀 Have a great week!

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  1. I don’t foresee selling much in India, so that 70% royalty is not a big deal to me. I’m still not going select, LOL!


    • I’ll open the way for ya when I write about the Desi Vampire, LOL!
      And yes, no exclusivity ever. I’d rather start that Unicorn Productions web page and sell from there – 100% mine (well, except the the Paypal processing fees, I guess…)! 😀



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