Random Friday

Oh, boy, another post due and approaching the 1000th! Not until January, don’t worry, unless I clutter this blog with extra posts in December, LOL! And a Blogoversary is also fast approaching, so I might have a giveaway AFTER the blog enters its 4th (gosh!) year… can you believe it started way back in October 2010 and it’s still here? OK, you might have enough of my ramblings – or maybe not, as last August I was begging to reach 40 followers and now I have 130! 😀

Not precise numbers, no. Well, WordPress keeps count of how many posts I have, so that’s a real number, Wednesday was post #930. About the subscribers, I haven’t checked the exact number, so I might be cheating! 😉 Anyway, it’s random Friday, so let’s random. Non-writerly things – more about New York Ren Faire (which is still on until Sept 23, in case you’re in the area). I go for the live joust, although this year it wasn’t as good as ten years ago (jaded already? Can’t believe it! :(). The novelty was this guy, though.

I bought two CDs, and he’s really exceptional. Have a look at his site. About other entertainment listed here, I went to Stewart & Arnold Knife Throwing and Wolgemut! And I saw the Belly Dancers, but didn’t stop to watch the whole thing (after Bollywood, belly dance is boring, LOL!).

I started watching the DVD pile – not every night because I better be off writing, LOL! Or drawing – and ended up starting with what I call “new Bollywood”. I wanted to start with Amitabh Bachchan’s youth, but I’m afraid they went down at the end of the pile instead. So I picked up the one with the smaller box, New York – another version of “My Name is Khan”, with the consequences of 9/11 on non-Americans (and basically Muslims) in the US on and after that day. Dealing with terrorism and some misdeeds of the American government – sorry, guys, but Bush made a lot of damage in world politics/peace, and obviously even at home. Arresting people based on their religion is NOT a nice thing to do.

And then I watched Kabul Express which was on my list since I saw the trailer on the KANK DVD because it still has John Abraham (I ended up with 3 John Abraham, 4 Shah Rukh and 4 Hritik movies…) AND it happens to be by the same producer and writer/director of “New York.” Obviously these guys are obsessed with 9/11, but in this case it’s shot in Afganistan and it shows another face of that ugly war. Two Indian journalists try to interview a Taleban – and there’s also the American reporter gal to give you another POV. And a Pakistani – another government that wsn’t too nice in that ugly mess. Anyway, it’s more of a comedy than the previous movie and check the making of as well if you get the DVD. First movie shot in Afganistan after the fall of the Talebans (2005)! Oh, and there are no songs whatsoever, doesn’t sound like a Bollywood movie at all! 😉

That’s all for today! Have a great weekend!

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  1. congrats on almost 4 years!


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