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I was supposed to put a new story out, but I’m postponing to next week. Still fucked up sleep, sigh. It was fucked up by the heat before I went on vacation, and now jet-lag. Or maybe I’m just getting old, LOL!

Anyhow, a few more things. First the mighty Espresso Book Machine – the lady kindly allowed me to take a pic of it.

Here you see the book coming out bound and everything.

This brings your books directly to a New York (Manhattan) bookstore. For more infos go to their site. They have different packages for different uses.

Chicon panels! Besides mine (which were SF in Europe, SF and border science in Italy and GLBT characters in SF/F), I attended to various things. Designing pro covers, Write what you don’t know, Science in SF (which is something that eludes me, but apparently, a writer can invent any science as long as nobody can prove it wrong.  I try to base my science and technology on something I have researched), Space: when do we go (not in this life, not out of the Earth’s orbit at least), Sex in SFF (that was a fun one!),  Medical myths & errors perpetuated by genre writers (so hopefully I’ll write more realistic injuries *says the Sadist Author*),  China’s and India’s fast rising SF market (where I discovered in India it’s all under the Fiction umbrella, fantasy, SF, literary fiction, whatever – which also led to Samit Basu’s Indian SFF project).

But then – the Indian Kindle store isn’t the real deal… yet. David Gaughran explains it quite well as usual. Dunno if my Hindustani friends have comments on that.

I know many of you have heard of the “scandal” of paid/fake reviews. Here’s Joe Konrath‘s take on the whole story and subsequent (silly) petition – I even commented on his blog for the first time, answering his questionnaire, if you have time to scroll down to comment 150, that is! – and my opinion is the very same of Bookalicio: you don’t have to pay for reviews. I never paid, but gave away free copies to reviewers (who sometimes didn’t deliver, but that’s another story).

And I love Joe Konrath’s code of ethics and Dean Wesley Smith’s definitions of various publishing ventures. I’m indie. And happy to be indie. For now. Maybe one day I’ll have a project I’ll try to send to a trad pub. I’m just giving them time to adjust to the new world of publishing! 😉 And finally Kris Rusch’s warning about scammers for everyone – yep, that includes me, if I weren’t willing to do it all by myself…

Now I’d like to thank whoever did me a late b-day present on Smashwords with a bulk purchase of many of my titles and also the UK fan who bought CVE2 on Kindle UK back in August and came back in September to buy everything else. Hope you both enjoy Silvery Earth and the other related titles.

After this last paragraph, I better go back to writing, I’m late with my latest title! Yikes! AND, because this week DayJob graced me with a wonderful place where there isn’t much to do all morning, I’m starting on S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. 12… here’s the cover…

Looking forward to drawing that part! 😉 *locks Sadist Writer back in the closet*.

Now, I’d love a volunteer or two to go through my 11k next Silvery Earth story because I feel it’s too long to publish it without someone else going through it checking for typos and inconsistencies… anyone? You don’t need to have read the rest, as it’s supposed to stand on its own. Should be a quick read (printed manuscript is around 27 pages) and I need it by the weekend… leave a comment or e-mail me, thank you… Have a great week!

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  1. Looking forward to reading that part…. naked man and sadistic writing sounds like an awesome combination >:)


    • tee-hee… I love torturing my womanizer before subduing him, LOL!


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