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Every Sunday until December and unless I have a guest, I will share words of wisdom from writers on writing. Enjoy!

But to me, the best thing about the ebook revolution isn’t the money. It’s the unlimited creative potential. No more asking permission to write the book you’re dying to write. No more constraints on form (welcome back the novella!). And collaborative possibilities are endless.

- Blake Crouch


I still have no idea why some books sell more than others. The only advice I can offer is to keep writing, and hope something will click with an audience. Eventually. Maybe.

- J.A.Konrath


The reality of this whole writing thing is that no book is perfect.  I don’t care how it’s published or how much it is.  I don’t care who wrote it or who published it.  I don’t care what genre it is or how many years the author spent polishing it up.  Perfection is impossible because people aren’t perfect. 

- Ruth Ann Nordin, writer and blogger


Which brings me to a point: sometimes you’re not the best judge of your own work. Many times the book that an author thinks is his finest work might strike me as a reader as rather tepid. Meanwhile, a book that the author feels is weak might have a powerful effect upon the audience.

- David Farland


If you only write one book every few years, keep your focus solidly on traditional publishing.

But if you love to write, love to finish stories, and love to have readers get to your stories quickly after you finish them, indie publishing is for you.

There is no need for those of us who love to write and love to finish a lot of products to even think of slowing down ever again.

- Dean Wesley Smith

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  1. Great quotes, Barb! I love the one about perfection and how it’s impossible.



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