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Oh, boy, I trashed Fiction Wednesday part 2… recovered it yesterday, sorry it’s late… If I hadn’t been so jet-lagged, I’d have noticed on Wednesday the new post wasn’t live, sigh!

OK, Chicon report! I reached Chicago on the 29th and met my Roomie almost straight away. I went to grab my registration pack, but there was nobody at the participants check-in, so I went back Thursday morning to grab my participant’s envelope. I found the green room, but had no idea of what my co-panelists looked like, so I soon gave up hanging in there (AC anyone? Glad we turned it off in the room, LOL!).

I met Mike Resnick, Luigi and Debora right before the panel, and the moderator gentleman immediately put me on the spot, LOL! Anyway, I survived, managed to say something (including “Something” when he asked me to say something, ha not-very-ha), then wandered until my next panel. As the new room was by the art show, I had a look at Rowena’s paintings – sorry she couldn’t be present, but I got her artbook in the dealer’s room, so I’m happy anyway.

The second panel was in a smaller, cozy room, so it was funnier and smoother. I didn’t attend any party because I’m your usual writer hermit and I don’t find parties funny. I also felt kind of lost among all those people, even if I could find a few friendly faces every now and then. I got to meet blogger Madison Woods and author Lynda Williams (who invited me on the Clarion blog last year) in person after blog correspondence. I saw Mark Stolaroff at a panel – I used to be subscribed to his Indie Filmaking list which made me discover Disfigured (highly recommended indie movie). And I went to the John Scalzi & Story Musgrave “show” but the AC gave me such a migraine I missed most of it.

Anyway, Friday I went to the reading of my next moderator, Mary Ann Mohanraj, so that I’d know what she looked like. Missed most panels to rewrite some parts of Technological Angel, then went to wait for my last panel – and that’s when Michael kept me awake with a chat. I hope I’ve found a new reader and fan, LOL! I wondered what I was doing on that last panel, mostly because I’m a straight author writing LGBTQ characters (well, mostly G and some L or B), and they were mentioning other authors I’ve never heard of and dealing with issues I don’t have to deal with – my very own minority is quite invisible, and I will not discuss it.

That done, I chatted with my Roomie about Technological Angel (see, I can’t stop thinking about writing even when I’m on vacation, LOL!) and on Saturday I finally started to enjoy the con. I went to a few panels (will tell more next Wednesday – if I don’t forget) and Sunday night I missed the Hugos to dine with my friend-from-the-area Dirk. I did get a glimpse of Neil Gaiman, thought, both Sunday and Monday. And as we drove back to the hotel with Dirk, we saw a movie set – and then I discovered it was probably Dhoom 3, which is being shot in Chicago this week (which gives me an incentive to watch it – as if I needed more, LOL).

Monday my last panel was canceled/moved, so I took the Red Line and walked 20 blocks (from 1200 to 2600 how many blocks is that? Bus takes 15 minutes, I probably did it in 30 or 40 under the sun…) to Chicago’s Little India (Devon Ave), drooling over clothes in windows and finding 4 more DVDs to tick off my Bollywood list. So now I have 18 to watch (almost 50 in total).

Courtesy of KLM, I watched Vicky Donor and Men in Black 3 on the way to Amsterdam, but caught a sore-throat on the Amsterdam-Rome flight, sigh. Yesterday, before starting the Bollywod pile, I decided to watch the Chinese movie I got at Wallmart in NY – Blade of Kings with Jackie Chan’s son (not the cutest Chinese of the lot, LOL. And dad is guest-starring). It’s Chinese fantasy, lots of fighting, but it has two or three warrior women, so it’s different. And quite funny, actually. I wanted to see it to compare those Chinese Amazons to mine – not the same, no! 😉 Anyway, recommended to fantasy fans and lovers of martial arts movies.

I’ll end with a series of pics – slideshow of Chicon 7. Have a great weekend!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. It all sounds like so much fun!

    I do like the occasional party (not boozing but socializing with like minds) and this event sounds like just my cup of tea. I wish I’d been there with you!



    • Hey, next year it’s in San Antonio and then London 2014 – which I’m not going to miss… will you come? They’re trying to gather a bunch of Indian genre writers for London (even if you’re not a genre writer you might want to join, LOL)! 🙂


  2. Looks like you had a great time! wish I lived closer to chicago, LOL!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog Barb! I loved the slideshow. It looks like you had a really enjoyable time (apart from the migraine). 😦


    • I still have to write down the full diary…. be patient and I’ll reply to your letter with the complete story in it! 😀


  4. Jennifer

     /  12/09/2012

    50 movies….that’s intense!!!! Some serious popcorn and beverages needed 🙂


    • well, that’s only the BOLLYWOOD section… then there’s world cinema, Italian movies, American&Brits, Drama, Comedy, Genres (mostly fantasy & sci-fi)… lost count of how many movies I have (and some are still on VHS) – no wonder I don’t watch TV and don’t go to theaters! No time left! 😉


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