Random Friday

Reading: here’s a list of the Kindle reads of these two weeks. My review is available if you follow the link (Goodreads).

The Djinn’s dilemma (discovered through Six Sentence Sunday last year).

The taking of Dove (same as above).

Destined (discovered on Goodreads because I loved the cover).

It’s always spring break somewhere in the galaxy (because Dear Beta Kelly suggested it – still, I DO NOT want recommendations, she managed to slip this through months ago!! ;)).

I finally watched the DVD “Scenes from the small press: Colleen Doran” that came in with the goodies I bought from Colleen Doran last year (so it’s not only with books that I have a TBR pile, I also have a ToWatch pile of DVDs, mostly old TV series because they’re not as fast as movies to watch, LOL) and I think it’s a MustWatch for all artists (writers, artists, anyone who wants to be creative) because it’s really a cautionary tale.

I think I already mentioned how much I admire Colleen – and now I admire her even more. Her posts on very bad publishers were eye-opening, and hearing of her struggles as teenage artist was… wow.  Being women in this male-oriented world (and I’m not talking only comics, although I do have my own stories about the Italian Comicbookdom…) sometimes really sucks. I sure hope to meet her one day, like I met Terry Moore. Might not be San Diego Comicon (too huge), but a smaller con… *fingers crossed!*

Wednesday I did a drawing, but I’m not very happy with it, so I will not post it – I had a headache from the heat. I spent the day also editing the latest B.G.Hope title, that I hope to upload today or during the weekend. Stay tuned. And I’ve added more portraits (of Da Muse, LOL) on my DeviantART gallery, so feel free to have another look! 🙂

Short rant – I hate Facebook Timeline, and the fact they shoved it down my throat, first on my author page and now (active from Aug.23) on my personal page. Which made me delete a few more things and the Goodreads app from my personal profile. No, Mr Zuckeberg, I will NOT give you more info about myself. Sorry. I’m not that addicted to Facebook, and if you keep changing it, I’ll just make my personal profile private and keep using only the author page.

Have a great weekend!

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