Writer Wednesday

My story this week is as follow: I discovered Destined on Goodreads because I so loved the cover. Now, a review of the book will be done on Friday, but I had to find out more about the cover artist.

Enter DeviantArt – a site I have checked many times and never joined because I thought it was only for artists. And my failing eyes who didn’t notice on the artist’s page she had given her e-mail in plain English (her website is in Chinese…). So I thought to contact her I could send her a note, but I had to open an account…

There you have it, now I have a DeviantArt account! I started uploading drawings and book covers (so from now on, everything art-related will go there, unless I need help to choose a book cover) and found out you can also upload text! Short story or sample chapters, but if you’re looking for a place to showcase your talent with a loss-leader, DeviantArt works also for writers. So you can scout for your next cover artist and publicize your own work! 🙂

Here’s my experiment – Starblazer on DeviantArt! It’s also free on this blog and on Smashwords. So I discovered another “social network” although I haven’t joined any group yet. By the way, Goodreads has reached Ten Million users – since 2007! 🙂 You gotta love these guys! 😉 Although I don’t like very big groups – I get lost in the interaction – I like making friends on Goodreads. But please NO RECOMMENDATIONS, my TBR pile and wishlist are long enough already! 😉

I’ve been handwriting this week(end), so no new drawings. Today is a holiday in Italy, so I’m home, reading and writing and trying not to spend too much time watching movies for the umpteenth time! 😉 I might have a couple of reviews for Friday. And I still have to catch up on blogs – why am I always behind? Well, because I’m reading more fiction, LOL! 😀

Right, back to writing now. Have a great week!

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