Writer Wednesday

OK, I’m going to start with links and then update you on my writing progress (hint: slow – too sleepy and sweaty to produce with winter rhythm).

A discussion on film-making that sounds a lot like the discussion on publishing – print vs. pixel. Sounds familiar, right? Because publishing is following the music AND film industry, LOL! I wish they were ahead, but no, they’re just following… maybe I should go back to writing screenplays, LOL! ;)

Kris Rusch on the deal breakers series – please check the comments as well, as there’s a bunch more infos. And then there’s Joe Konrath on Harlequin’s mistakes part 2. And Smashwords on the future of e-book publishing at RWA 2012. Indie romance authors are going on the New York Times bestseller’s list – but this won’t push me to write more mushy romance! ;) Hey, I gotta write what I wanna read, right? Or I’ll just quit writing because I’m bored! :D

And don’t forget to check Dean Wesley Smith’s post on killing your sales one shot at the time. I know I still write my name too small on covers, but it’s because on the graphic novels, the author’s name isn’t too big (usually because there’s more than one, LOL) and I want the covers to look all the same – the Silvery Earth ones, at least. I write my name bigger on other titles or for other pseudonyms… that’s probably why B.G.Hope is selling “more” than Barbara G.Tarn? ;) (shorter name too, easier to fit on a cover, LOL).

Now, I’m falling behind with the next story, so I better get back to work. I tried to work on the laptop, but in the middle of a chapter it switched from Italian keyboard to American keyboard and suddenly I couldn’t find the symbols for punctuation anymore – I have no idea what I touched, and I hope it will get back to normal, or I’ll have to attach my external wireless keyboard to it to keep working, sigh. I don’t know why it does this, but one day I was trying to post on Facebook and couldn’t find the <3 keys to make the heart. And yesterday the ” suddenly became @ and I had to stop! :(

I got my Chicon7 “itinerary” and I’m on 3 panels, so if you’re attending the worldcon, check your program for Barbara G.Tarn. I’m not a moderator anywhere and hope not to make a fool of myself! ;) See, I’m even in the list of participants! :D So if you happen to be there, stop by and say hello, don’t be a stranger, OK? ;)

Looking forward to head back to New York and Chicago (two of my favorite cities, the third being San Francisco)… but still two weeks and a half to go! So, back to writing… and I better stop drawing and watching DVDs as an excuse to procrastinate, LOL! :) Have a great week!

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