Random Friday

OK, managed to finish the dead-tree book! 😉 I got it last year (before buying my Kindle) and it’s signed from the author – the only reason to keep buying paper books, IMHO! 😀

I read her first book back in 2010, interviewed her way back when, and now I made it to her second book – a sequel. It’s historical faction, inspired by the author’s grandmother’s story, a cowgirl in Montana. What can I say… I enjoyed the ride, following Nettie’s moving around the country on my US map (got lost sometimes, LOL) and because I’ve seen Montana in the meantime, it also kind of helped. Nettie follows her dream through the transition – something we’re going through right now, so it’s a very inspiring story about being able to change your dreams if you see they’re impossible. Don’t stop dreaming, just shift to another dream, see? I liked the parallel with today’s changes – back then it was automobiles instead of horses, not it’s smartphones and netbooks taking the place of snail mail and whatnot.

Now back to Kindle-reading before the next dead tree book, LOL! Well, I must re-read one of my manuscripts first, so I might not be able to post a review next week – and need to catch up with blogs as well. If only I didn’t fall asleep with afternoon naps in this heat, sigh. Anyway, after dinner I try to watch DVDs again, and as during the day I listen to Bollywood soundtracks on the way to the office – therefore I’m not distracted by what happens on screen, LOL – I managed to catch a line in a song that made me go “a-ha” (much like when I was learning English through songs back in the 1980s, LOL)!

Rock On – the song – has a line that goes “Rock on/zindagi da milegi dobara“. So what? you say? Well, both movies (yet, that’s two movies) are with Farhan Akhtar who also happens to write them and the songs… so he got the title of his latest effort with his twin Zoya from a song he wrote for the movie he did without his twin (just before Luck by Chance)! 😉 I know, I know, it’s not even Bollywood gossip, but I thought it was fun to point it out.

And because they never actually say the line in the movie, but there were subtitles on the song, I know what “zindagi da milegi dobara” means now – if the subtitles are correct, of course. Subtitles said “You only live once” (which is actually an excellent title for the movie, dunno why they call it “The Trip” in English) – Hindi-speaking friends feel free to correct! 🙂 And of course I rewatched all three movies while I was at it, LOL! 😀 Love them all, for different reasons…

Wishing you a happy weekend… back to writing! And reading! Yippee! 😉

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  1. It is ‘zindagi NA milegi dobara’ ..literal translation..’life, won’t, get, again/second time’…and Farhan Akhtar did not write the song..it is his father..Javed Akhtar, who writes all their songs..


    • Aaah, thank you! You can tell I haven’t started my Hindi lessons yet, right? Still have to rely on subtitles, sigh..



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