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OK, new month, summary of the past one! :) Smashwords sale results: 40+ free downloads, 6 with 50% discount and 8 with 75% discount. Let’s hope people read them and post a review. There was also a sale on DriveThru, and I sold the BoI over there as well. Plus on Amazon I’ve sold 4 copies (full price) of Johnny&Marian – in spite of having it discounted elsewhere. Obviously Kindle owners don’t go outside of Amazon (except myself, LOL).

Great posts (not many as I was too busy revising manuscripts to check all the blogs I normally read): Stephanie Laurens weathering the transition – great speech for the lucky people who could attend the RWA event. That’s one more reason to try to get there next year! ;)

An older essay A Writer Without A Publisher Is Like A Fish Without a Bicycle: Writer’s Liberation and You. Great comparison between marriage and publishing. The Old Maid here appreciated it very much! ;)

Go help kickstart a wonderful project – the Fiction River Anthology! The video is just great, I already miss those workshops on the Oregon coast! ;) Besides, if you’re a writer, you really want these anthologies to come out. Imagine they picked your story for one volume… yeah, I can dream, can’t I? ;) I know they already reached the first goal, but we do want them to get those anthologies out, don’t we? ;)

Last year I had the WoW Saturdays from June to September… This year it’s already August and still nothing. Well, it’s changing now! From August to December I will have Writer Wisdom Sundays – five quotes from writers on writing sharing their wisdom! :) Unless I have a guest or interview – which is still writers on writing sharing their wisdom, except in a slightly longer form, LOL!

Now to this week’s writerly announcement: CVE3 is OUT on Smashwords and Kindle and DriveThru! And then I’ll upload it also to XinXii. In the meantime, here’s the cover: from chapter  2 of the book, Lost and Oliver! :)

Now back to writing as B.G.Hope (she’s selling so well, 4 copies in a month, LOL) and reading some more… have a great week! ;)

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