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July 20, 2012 – Big industry news.  Author Solutions, one of the companies that put the “V” in “Vanity,” was acquired yesterday by Pearson, and will be operated within their Penguin imprint.  Read the story here.    It’s cool traditional publishers are starting to recognize the importance of self-publishing within the overall publishing ecosystem, but Author Solutions?  I’m scratching my head.  They’re well known for some questionable business practices, particularly around their aggressive sales tactics.  They earn over 2/3 of their income selling services and packages to authors, not selling books to consumers.  When I read this story here – http://www.business2community.com/books/publishing-predator-creep-0212342 – my blood boiled.  Blogger Emily Suess has been maintaining a fascinating collection of stories about Author Solutions on her blog at http://blog.emilysuess.com/tag/author-solutions/.  Will Penguin clean up Author Solutions’ act, and start focusing on helping authors sell books, as opposed to selling services to authors?  Let’s hope so.  If not, Penguin just wrapped an albatross around its neck.

I’m quite baffled too by Penguin’s move. Traditional publishers are losing their heads? Do writers still need New York? Apparently not, according to some indie authors. Check Kris Rusch’s deal breakers for 2012. Welcome to the revolution, says Kristen Lamb. And Carolyn McCray tells the best practises for Amazon e-book sales (OK, that’s actually one year old, but you never know – might still work!). Oh, and did you hear about the class act against Harlequin?

Bloggers, beware: you CAN get sued for using pics on your blog. A blogger’s story. I normally use only my pics – or if I have a guest, he/she comes in with his/her own. Yeah, I know posts look better with pics instead of all writing, but considering the breach of copyright involved, I’m not going to put a pic only to lure in readers. So, no pics this time, LOL!

Dean Wesley Smith on editing and proofing – again, do we really need traditional publishers for that? I don’t think so, but it’s a free world, do what you want! 🙂 And check his tips on blurb writing if you can’t attend his wonderful workshops (I did last October, the same pair that’s just finished now), the post is an eye-opener, and have a look at the comments section as well. Finally I have Joe Konrath’s thoughts on this everchanging world of publishing…

Now to my writing news! 🙂 Last week of Smashwords sale – everything 75% off. Which means even more free titles. Thanks to the person who gathered a whopping 7 books with the new discount! 😉 Really, you got yourself a deal! (And I think I know who you are, so double thanks – I’ll get to your book as soon as I can and pay full price for it!).

Got CVE3 back from the editors, so one last pass, then formatting and up we go on Smashwords and Kindle – and later on XinXii. That’s because I have to pass the document through calibre for XinXii, and I don’t like the way the e-books look on there, LOL! The meatgrinder or uploading the Word.doc saved as HTML to Kindle look so much better… I might try the MobyCreator as well… maybe…

Also finished Technological Angel, now on its way to beta-readers. I hope the only one who has read the original story (in Italian) tells me good news – that it’s improved! 🙂 Now before I actually write down the sequel, I better move on to other projects. When the first book is out and the worldbuilding established, I can work on the next story, right? Gee, I’ll have to do another “bible”… as if I didn’t have enough already, both for Silvery Earth and the science-fantasy series! 😉 Like my cover artist says – I’m a volcano. I’m already working on both covers, although I’ll probably have to ask for help when I must choose one! 😀

I’ve also finished SKYBAND 11, so I’ll do a PDF for DriveThru first and then maybe upload it to Lulu as well – but I’m not really selling the printed copies, so I don’t know. In August DayJob should allow me one week of drawing at work, so I might be able to do #12 before heading for Chicon! 🙂 And as the story is getting more interesting for me (I look forward to the last chapter, but I can’t jump to it, LOL), maybe I’ll manage to finish it by the end of the year – wishful thinking? We’ll see! 🙂

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