Random Friday

The heat is making me sleepier than ever. So let’s see if I manage to say something remotely intelligent today.

Reading: I managed to go through a couple of books. A paper anthology, Love and Rockets, which I bought last October.

yikes! A paperback… where’s my Kindle?? Anyway, 3 stars and a half (dunno how to do the half star on GR).
Favorites: Wanted by Anita Ensal, Music in time by Dean Wesley Smith and Drinking Games by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
Those were 5 stars. The others go from 2 to 4 depending on the story…

Ahem, yes, I bought it because my two mentors were in it, and I was eager to read their fiction. And I gave them both 5 stars because they deserve them. They’re real pros, and I better read more from them, maybe the longer works (I have a Kris Rusch novel that I bought at the same time, but it’s a paperback, so… on the back-burner at the moment, LOL!).

I organized my Kindle reads by writing a list with the page number and numbered them from the shortest to the longest. I’ll read the “less than 100 pages”, then a paper book, then “up to 200 pages” then paper, etc. I’ve started reading the shortest,i.e. under 100pages. Next I’ll have to grab a dead tree book, hoping to finish it before next weekend when I have to travel (my dad turns 80, and I have a car ride but also a train ride, so the Kindle is better for travel! ;-)).

Blue Galaxy: it was my first sci-fi romance. I really liked it – not too romantic and with good action and surprises. I guess it’s a genre worth exploring!

The Djinn’s dilemma: I’m not really into paranormal romance (not too fond of vampires and werewolves are too hairy for my tastes), but if it involves a djinn… well, that’s not something you see every day! I enjoyed this story very much – and I’m not a Mills&Boon fan either (yeah, I’m a cynic!), but this one was well balanced in all its aspects.

I found this (djinn) last year through Six Sentence Sunday, so again, see how long it takes me to get to reading stuff? Sigh. Actually, there’s another, but I interviewed the author, so you’ll hear about that one in a couple of Sundays.  My brain is too fried to think about anything else to say today… so have a great weekend! 🙂

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