Writer Wednesday

Writing weekend was good – Saturday working on CVE3, Sunday on Technological Angel. The new “slashy” ending of my science-fantasy has already given birth to another drawing that might become the cover of a (probably) shorter sequel – no spoilers, so no previews, sorry! 😉 I already started thinking about it, but we’ll see if I deem it worth writing, or better, worth publishing! 🙂 Some stories I’d rather keep them for myself, but I love this couple – so why do I want to hurt them and tear them apart in a sequel? Because sometimes I’m a sadist author! 😉

Anyway, I agree with Kris Rusch again – writing can be taught or learned, through hard work and not giving up just because someone didn’t like your story. And no need to go to university or college or whatever you call it for that. I’m proudly self-taught and was happily unpublished for thirty years, which allowed me to refine my craft and find my voice. Now, not everything I wrote is publishable. Even the comics and graphic novels – I look at my older works and go “Yikes! I better write the prose version of that!”.  But then sometimes I go “Yikes!” even with SKYBAND – why? Because I don’t practice enough! Drawing is definitely a hobby, but writing must become my career.

And thank God the world of publishing is changing. Yes, I’d love to find somebody who does the formatting and marketing and dealing with Amazon, Smashwords, etc for me, but at the same time I’m sick of waiting for somebody to help me, so I trudge on, hoping to find validation through my readers, who haven’t found me yet, but I’m not stopping now. During the weekend I also re-read a couple of my stories (Lords of War and Allan de Sayek) and I’m still one of my favorite authors, LOL!

Anyway, here are some posts for you. The future of publishing. Traditionally published author going indie. Traditional publishers vs self-publishing. Challenges to innovation in publishing. Why e-books are not paper books. McMillan’s plans for the future.

As for the future of Unicorn Productions, books will keep coming out, available mostly in e-book format until I find someone who really really really wants a dead tree book (I still have paper copies of BoI – Air, collector’s edition as I unpublished the “European Version” from Lulu). For me, I’d rather read printed PDFs or on my Kindle. Soon I’ll go direct to Kobo, so even if some titles will still be through Smashwords (or maybe I’ll opt them out from Premium Distribution), more will be available there (there were more when they didn’t require an ISBN – I had to opt out half the titles at Smashwords because the short stories don’t have an ISBN. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload those direct. And for the new titles, I’ll study the FAQs and then decide, LOL).

Now I better go back to writing. Have a great week!

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