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First, a word from Laxmi:
Hi all,
A quick shout out, to click through the link below and VOTE for THE DESTINY OF SHAITAN at the Summer 2012 readers pick awards

Voting closes July 14, so have only a few days left and am lagging far behind 🙂

 And of course if you were to tweet it out or share it on your FB page then that would be awesome!!

 Appreciate your support 🙂

Still a couple of days left, so go for it! I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s the only title I recognize in the list anyway, LOL! Then, don’t forget the Smashwords sale – Unicorn Productions has everything 50%off. I see the Amarantine series is also discounted, so go grab it now! 🙂 The first book is FREE, and if it doesn’t hook you into buying the other three… well, not my fault, LOL! And in spite of the title it has NOTHING to do with the more famous 50 shades (and came out before that), so if that’s what you’re looking for… forget it! 😉 BUT if you’re looking for vampires with humor, go for it! 🙂

As for Lady Ice (always free…), the color version is available on Facebook! 😉 I’m still struggling with formatting for Kindle and Nook… so the “dedicated week” I planned on using at the end of June, I did something else. Why bother reformat something that is already available out there for free anyway? And formatting new titles has proved sort of beyond my strength at the moment. So if I could just go back to coloring and lettering that chapter 11 of S.K.Y.B.A.N.D…. I know I’m talking to Jo only here, but well, I know she reads me! 😉

About the prose, last Sunday Telecom Italia decided I should have no way to get online (the ADSL went dead around 10.30 in the morning when I decided to check my email and didn’t come back until Monday sometimes after 7.30 which is the time I left for DayJob), so I spent it checking Technological Angel. I still need to go through it one last time, then it will be off to beta readers. It changed a lot since 2002, and not only because it ends ten of our years later, LOL! I think I also made it a more character-oriented tale and tightened the plot (although I fear part 2 is still sort of meandering, I’m not sure if it’s world/character-building or wasted words…), and of course write the new ending.

Then I went to work on CVE3 *waves at Kelly the Mighty Beta* so I could send it to the editor for a final pass before publication. Here again I had to cut out secondary characters and plots that made it too episodic, and I hope I managed to reach the right balance for this story. It’s still the longest of the CVE, and probably the last for the moment. The rest will be Records – or short stories and novellas that fill the holes. And then I’ll decide what to do with the paper version – not that I received any requests yet. And going to local bookstores is daunting in this heat (both English independent bookstores are in the center of town where it’s even hotter that the suburb I’m in). So maybe after the summer I’ll consider the print versions of this year’s titles.

Some writerly link: Michael Kingswood on small thinking in business. Writers must become business people – I still have a long way to go, but I get what he’s saying here – and think about the long run, not just now. I mean, if you want to have a career, you don’t look only at today, do you? You make projects for the future. You try to plan ahead. And you improvise! 😉 OK, that’s just me, because I felt I needed to adjust my publishing schedule – which is fine, as long as you know you’re in for the long run.

Being the self-taught wonder that I am, I’m glad I saved some money on education that wouldn’t have really helped – but then I live in a country where creative writing is not taught at university, only private workshops can be found and I used them to spend vacation time from DayJob with likeminded people (or so I thought. Of all the people I met at Italian workshops, I’m the only one still writing. Talk about an undying passion – because I started and never stopped when I was much younger). Also, Italian university is a lot of theory and nothing practical to help you fit in the real world – that’s why I didn’t go at all and started DayJob at 21. Anyway, Italian university teachings apparently apply to creative writing in US universities, according to Kris Rusch! 🙂

One more post on Authors Guild that seem to have really lost it if they back Publish America only to take down Amazon! Thanks, David Gaughran, for the insight. Glad there’s a class-action suit against PA. Although stupid writers will keep falling for them (or others like them). Sigh. You’d think that in the internet era writers would be savvier, but no, they still fall for the scams that abound out there…

I’m not saying it’s easy (it’s not). Taking care of everything is hard, and you need to be well organized (or a Virgo, like me, LOL!). Or so determined to quit a damn crazy DayJob that you’re ready to learn every month something new about this brand new world of publishing. Hey, I might see my first Amazon check in 3 months or so (I reached the 100$ minimum + 60 days for payment + 30 days until delivery…), but it took me over one year and a half. Do you hear me whine and say I won’t publish another title? No. I slowed down, but I’m  still writing, thank you very much! 😉 CVE3 will be out August 1st and I’ll try to publish maybe a couple of short stories that month as well. Maybe even one this month – either a Record of the Varian Empire or a B.G.Hope short story. We’ll see…

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  1. Whoo hoo! congrats on the amazon payment!! *high five* Luckily they will send me mine after only 30$ so I have gotten it before… Create Space… well, let’s just say it took me two years to get a 20$ check from them :p

    Thanks for the shout out and I have one thing to say *ahem* ” Go color!”

    hee-hee! 😉


    • Aaw, but it’s so hot at the computer! And I need to go to mum’s to see the sari she had brought from India for me! And I need to write! And…
      OK, I’m procrastinating, I know! I’ll try to switch on the music and see if I can do a couple of pages today! 😀



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