Random Sunday

OK, I postponed the randomness because I messed up dates for the latest interview. Meh. Fried brain in this heat. Glad I met Laxmi, though!  Sorry. So, for the randomness – some reading and a movie!

World cinema again! I had it on my ToBuy list and it was graciously offered in Italian newsagents courtesy of Ciak magazine this month, so I bought it. Et maintenant on va où? apparently started like Spurlock’s Where in the world… – the writer director on the verge of parenthood thought about the future of his/her unborn child. In this case, she was pregnant during religious struggles in Lebanon. So, it’s the eternal fight between Christians and Muslims (see My name is Khan), but this time the women step in. It’s a Lebanese movie, but it might as well be Bollywood – they call it a “musical”. Not really, although there are a couple of songs for the romantic subplot. And I absolutely love this song (the reason why I wanted to watch it in the first place, LOL! Sorry I couldn’t find it with English subtitles)!

The movie has humor, sadness and shows another place. World cinema recommended for everyone – stop silly religious struggles, no God EVER asked to kill whoever doesn’t follow the same precepts/rites that you do!

I read The Lair of the Jaguar God because it deals with were-jaguars. I’m not a fan of werevolves – but was curious to read about other kinds of therianthropy. Besides, this book is also hot M/M romance, so it was a fun ride. It didn’t gave me any ideas for my own were-animal (in sci-fi, so he’s called a mutant, LOL), but it was good nevertheless. Pity for the bad editing provided by the publisher. Oh, and I’m not saying for how many months it had been sitting on my Kindle! 😉

Another Blog Hop win is Scarlet and the White Wolf – which is book one of a trilogy. Now, for those of you familiar with yaoi scene, this is really an uke/seme story, from the look of the characters (short, young, dark-haired uke, tall, older, fair-haired seme) to probably the execution – they meet, they hate each other, but they’re meant for each other, so we already know where they’re headed. It’s Jason Mink and Ricky in a fantasy setting. OK, Ai No Kusabi (the novels) is longer (and I’m still waiting for volume 7, that comes out in September. I might actually give up and just remember the much shorter OVA). I might read the other two books in this series when my TBR pile goes down a little. But I’m actually sick of Yaoi storylines and would rather read real gay literature instead! 😉

Final Blog Hop win is Caged – #2 in a series. Not that it mattered that it’s book 2, mind you. Mixed feelings (and not because it’s erotica – so don’t read it if you’re not eighteen, LOL). I like the story, but at the same time it had a very slow beginning and the characters felt very stereotyped (especially the parents) – sometimes falling in the “too stupid to live” category that is normally used in fantasy. And it also felt like a sci-fi story unless the whole world turned gay while I was not looking – I know they usually stick to their peers, but there was no trace of straight relatives or friends in this story. AND being Italian, I had problems with the guy called after a town + at some point I was wondering where he was because he was looking at the “ocean” outside of his window and there’s no ocean in Tucson,AZ nor it Italy (the Mediterranean is a SEA, not an ocean. Not big enough to be called ocean. That’s why we use WINDsurfs – or used to in the 1980s. You can tell I don’t go to the beach much, huh?). So that’s why I hesitate to read the other books in the series, especially if they’re actually set it Italy (as apparently is #1). But I did like the story in spite of the “heavy” parts with rape and torture (I skipped more the sooo-romantic ones, actually, haha) so I’ll wait and see if I want to read more of this series. Maybe I should just stick to the author and ignore all books set in Italy or with (co-called) Italian characters! 🙂

And because it’s so darn hot I’d rather procrastinate writing, I spent yesterday afternoon drawing. So here go the results…

Hritik – color pencils (Caran d’Ache)

Keanu – black pencils + gouache (black & white)

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