Writer Wednesday

OK, first – happy 4th of July to my American friends. I’ll always remember Mark Slaughter thinking the fireworks were for his birthday, LOL! So also, Happy Birthday, Mark! 😀

Because I’m a sloth in summer and because it’s been six month since the new writing/publishing schedule, I guess it’s time to revise it and adjust it to my new needs. So, I switched around some titles, not sure if I want to waste time and energy with short stories until after the summer, therefore as soon as I finish writing Technological Angel, I’ll dive into the Records of the Varian Empire, that tie CVE2 and CVE3 – and it’s a short story collection, so single titles might come out during the summer, LOL.

CVE3 should come out in August, a longer novel than what expected. As I don’t have that many Silvery Earth fans yet, I didn’t feel pressured to issue it as scheduled in January (June 1st…).

Also, I might not write the new book with the fall of the Empire this year – or maybe I’ll write it, but won’t publish it until the next. Not because I’m scared of a brand new book (I’m having lots of fun with the new ending of Technological Angel, even if it means rewriting most of what I already have to adjust, LOL), but because I’ve changed my writing process.

When I was younger I just dived into the story and went where the characters took me (hence the very episodic stories). But with Technological Angel I started a new trend. From what I remember (that was 2002), I spent three months thinking about the characters and world building before actually writing down a single word.

Of course now I need to change all that, but I really changed my mindset. I think I need to mull over the fall of the Varian Empire and the characters involved (of course I know who they are, part is written, part is still in outline form) before actually writing it. And then I need to let it rest for a month or two  – because (and that’s not changed) the latest story is always the best, but after a few months it gets “old” and not so good anymore.

Not to mention after years, so you know how I feel about older stories now! I know there’s gold  in them, but I’ll have to dig deep to bring it out. Like I had to do with CVE3 – deleting characters and useless subplots and making it more compact. And no, it didn’t hurt murdering my baby! 😉

And Kris Rusch’s excellent post on perfection also helped me to decide NOT to touch what is already out there. I had considered revising Jessamine next year, or maybe Allan de Sayek, but with so many stories still on my mind, I think I’ll just move on. I can’t please everybody anyway! 😉 And I will have more m/m romance on Silvery Earth – so even if you’re disappointed with aforementioned AdS, don’t give up on me, and try the longer novels with gay characters, LOL! 😀

Now you probably have heard that there’s the Smashwords summer/winter sale… and Unicorn Productions enrolled ALL its titles in it. There’s a Goodreads event, a Facebook event (although I set the date to July 15 as there’s no way to say from X to Z day) and kind bloggers have helped to spread the word of the sale. Please share the above and invite all your friends. 50% off everything, which makes a lot more titles FREE (i.e. the ones listed at 99cents if you don’t want to check them all – but then a novel is only 2.50$… worth trying, no?).

Just FYI – the titles that are ALWAYS free are Books of the Immortals – Prequels, Jessamine (both novella and graphic novel), Lady Ice and Starblazer because they were originally published on blogs (Serial Central or this one) and the first two are also free on Amazon.com. But plenty more have gone free because of the sale, so check it out! 🙂

A special thank goes to whoever downloaded the first title for free on Monday and another 4 on Tuesday. Thank you and hope to see you back on Silvery Earth soon. And please remember to leave a review! 😉

Now, Friday I have a guest, so the randomness is postponed to Sunday – more reviews of books and movies for ya! 🙂 Now I should try to check all those wonderful blogs out there… but I’d rather be reading a book instead… sigh! Hard choices we face! 😉

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