Random Friday

First, a message from Prue:

Dear Everyone,

For the first time ever, I am offering Gisborne: Book of Pawns FREE through KDP Select for Saturday and Sunday. This is a completely unknown journey for me and I would so appreciate any help you might choose to give me by letting your online groups and friends know. 

I understand if you feel you just want to delete this email as giant cheek, so apologies up front.
Gisborne: Book of Pawns…12th century secrets



I have already downloaded and it’s been sitting on my Kindle for some time (along with A Thousand Glass Flowers that has been sitting there even longer *blush*), but you should try it too. Especially if you like historical fiction. I’ve read only Prue’s fantasy titles so far, but the excerpts of Gisborne were good and I look forward to having time to actually read it! 🙂

I did manage some Kindle-reading last week, but I had to go through Smashwords titles first (only to avoid their friendly review reminder, LOL). So, here’s a list of very short reviews of what I read.

David Farland’s At a virgin’s doorstep – 4stars only because he had unicorn HUNTERS! The mighty sorceress known as the Lady of the Unicorn would have none of that! 😀

Kiana Davenport’s House of skin (found on Joe Konrath’s blog last year, so that’s how long books can sit on my Kindle, sigh): 4 stars – read the review on the GR link.

Marie Dee’s To have a warrior (found through Six Sentence Sunday – again last year…): 4 stars – review as above.

Gemma Parke’s A Switch in Time (another Six Sentence Sunday found): 4  stars

All were pretty short (or short story collections).

Then I won 5 books during the Hop Against Homophobia, and Emery’s Ritches is one of them. 5 stars: hot and funny – and even if it’s book 2 and I didn’t read book 1, I enjoyed it nevertheless. Now, I should get book 1 (but not 3 as I don’t like “bears”! ;-p)…

Another title that I won you will hear about on Sunday. And then I have 2 PDFs left to read, which I’m going to do as soon as I finish what I’m reading at the moment.

And finally, one Bollywood review (only one DVD still not arrived…) Dil To Pagal Hai – an “oldie” because it’s from the late 1990s. So no kissing in Bollywood in the 20th century (you have to wait for Hritik Roshan to start seeing kisses in Bollywood movies, LOL)! But it’s a nice romantic comedy and it has great songs and wonderful dance numbers (that have actually something to do with the plot, LOL). Shahrukh Khan is at his best and Madhury Dixit is as beautiful in contemporary clothes as she was in Devdas, playing Chandramuki.

Today is Roma’s holiday – SS Peter and Paul – so everything is closed. So I might as well stay in and write, LOL! Have a great weekend!

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  1. well i missed the freebie! sounds like some good reading – I just finished The Russian Idea by Steve Evans and am now on Three Hoodies Save the World by Roger Lawrence – it’s fun. And then I downloaded a bunch of short freebies from this writer I know named Barbrara Tarn… 😉 LOL!


    • From the excerpts yes, it sounds like a good reading… I’ts on my Kindle… if my home connection keeps failing me like it did yesterday, I might as well read more (and ignore all blogs, sigh!)! 🙂


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