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So, I’m back! Glad you enjoyed last Sunday’s guest post, I admit Verchiel is my second favorite vampire – but I’m glad he was in time out and allowed his author to reply to comments! :-)

What have I been doing? Last weekend in Certaldo, but this time I didn’t pay the Medieval Dinner fare. I went alone and by train, so I didn’t bring the dress either. I spent 2 nights at the hotel Il Castello – cooler than outside where this year it was very hot. The first night the hotel was full, the second night I feared I’d be the only guest, but luckily a couple of foreigners showed up to spend the night. So I wrote and read and Monday morning I took the train to Massa, my father’s hometown.

Now, when I arrived in Certaldo and decided to send a message to a friend, I found out I had no cell phone. Panic. How was I supposed to let Mom know I was safe? I went back to the hotel and sent a message to my brother through Facebook (she panicked once because my cell phone was off and I wasn’t home). Then I managed to find a public phone and it even worked with coins, yay!

Luckily I have most numbers written down on my PAPER organizer, but the newest acquisitions aren’t there. So I didn’t have the number of a friend I hoped to meet while in Massa. Monday night I found her e-mail through my cousin’s PC and told her I was phone-less. My phone seemed switched off, so I guessed I just left it at home. More days writing and reading (see my GR shelves for reviews), then Friday I came back. Bus strike finishing when I got to Rome, so it took me one hour and a half to get home.

No cell phone. It vanished. I don’t think it was stolen because it’s not smart enough for cell-phone addicts (it’s only a phone, no apps, no internet, no MMS), so I’m guessing I misplaced it or lost it or the town faeries took it.  I finally got a replacement SIM card, because tomorrow I’m going on the other side of town with my 16-year-old car, so for my own comfort I’d rather be able to call for help.

This cost me 1euro of phone calls from public phones + 40cents of parking + 10euro replacement SIM card. Sigh. And I have to manually put back in all the numbers – family is already there, but friends… OK, I’ll rebuild the list one at the time.

Anyway, yesterday I went with my brother to various places (he needs stuff but so do I, and the tech-stuff I’d rather buy with him – and then I went looking for that replacement SIM card) and spent the afternoon going through CVE3. Finishing today, hoping to send it out to betas tomorrow.

I’ll try to get back on track, reading blogs soon. Next week I’m still off DayJob, but I’ve got a lot of work to do! 🙂 If the heat doesn’t kill me first… I hate the summer. Have a great Sunday!

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