Art Wednesday

Because this post is scheduled (they all are, doh! But I won’t be checking my e-mail every five seconds to see if there are any comments) and I’m mostly offline, I thought I’d do an art Wednesday for a change. Because that’s what I do to relax when I need to decompress. So, latest drawing done on June 10 – Hritik Roshan again. He’s not my muse yet, but I’m mulling over a Desi vampire, so eventually… maybe… not this year! 😉

I got the DVD with subtitles at last, as some parts still escaped me when I watched the movie in VHS (because it never came out in Italian theaters and it’s one of my 3 favorite movies of 1999), it even has a French audio track (I saw it advertized on French movie mags at the time and really wondered why oh why Italian Duranies and Spandau Ballet fans – so numerous in the 1980s – were left out of this little independent movie). I hadn’t watched it in years (because my VCR broke) and it was great watching it again. And as I mentioned on June 8, today’s the day that my former muse (from the 1980s) turns a year older… so I’m putting this old drawing when he was 25 and I was 20 – it’s included in the artbook available only in print on Lulu. And Happy Birthday, Nigel John Taylor.

Now, I used to do lots of these drawings as illustrations for the stories, so I’ll end this with Lost&Oliver original drawing (that has been redone for the cover with Photoshop coloring). CVE3 is complete, but I’ll read it again when I get back home for a final check before I send it out again. This is a scene from Chapter 2 (which will probably be included in the sample chapter anyway).

I’ll be back on Sunday with a summary of what I’ve been doing under the Tuscan sun! Have a great week!

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  1. love the drawings!!!


  2. Lovely drawings…liked your self-portrait the best:)



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