Random Friday

OK, last crazy day at crazy DayJob, then I have my 2 weeks off. One I’ll be mostly offline, so you’ll have some scheduled posts (well, they all are, actually), the second I’ll be back and scanning, relettering and formatting like crazy some of my old works (graphic novels).

Now, these nights I’ve been watching movies and you can guess my latest Amazon shopping spree brought me mostly Bollywood movies. So, if you like a sweet romantic comedy, go for Socha Na Tha. Both protagonists are lovely and there aren’t too many dance numbers, if they’re what bothers you.

After the Hollywood Rock star with Mark Wahlberg, I tried Bollywood Rockstar. And I totally disagree with the manager/friend of Jordan – you don’t need to suffer to write or sing or be creative. I haven’t suffered that much, but I have a wild imagination and never stopped jotting down stories. Never tried writing songs, but I don’t believe in the “starving artist” myth. So there goes, for me the premise of the movie was unbelievable, LOL.

Anyway, in this case I preferred the Hollywood story to the very dramatic Bollywood story (no, they’re not related at all, they weren’t trying to tell the same story, they simply happen to have almost the same title). And in the most recent case, the title is even kind of misleading – the Hollywood movies talks about rockstars and fans and wannabe stars, the Bollywood one about a guy who wants to be a rockstar but manages to screw everything, including his beloved’s life. So the rockstar side of the story is kind of in the background.

Finally, I don’t remember which of my Desi friends suggested the original Umrao Jaan when I bought the Aishwarya Rai version (Hema or Shafali?), but because I like Rekha a lot (since she played Rasa Devi in Kama Sutra a tale of love), I ended up getting that one too. Then I’ll probably have to read the novel as well, LOL!

Anyway, this is my first “attempt” with Old Bollywood – the movie is from the 1980s but it looks like a movie from the 1950s the way it’s filmed and how the image is “ruined”. BUT Rekha is beautiful, the costumes are luscious, the jewelry fabuous, so… if you want to check the other face of Bollywood, then check this movie.

The 2000s version is probably more faithful to the novel because there’s the “frame” where Umrao tells her story to the author of the book – totally absent in this older version. Based on the Wikipedia article about the book, of course, as I can’t speak Urdu and don’t have time to read the English translation at this time… did I mention my TBR pile never goes down? 😉  Anyhow, hope to manage some reading and writing while I’m offline next week. Sunday we have guests, so make sure to come back!

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