Random Friday

And mostly Movie Friday just because in my exhaustion I watch a lot of movie (not to mention my latest Amazon shopping spree, glee!).

I normally don’t watch Oscar winners, especially AFTER they won, but The Artist has always been on my ToWatch list. I love Jean Dujardin, I loved the short sketches with his now wife Alexandra Lamy in Un gars et une fille (when we could still see France 2 in Roma) and the OSS117 movie (the first, the second not so much). So watching him and his OSS117 co-star (the lovely Berenice Bejo) in a 1920s setting was just great – they both have the right looks and it’s a beautiful piece of movie-making that reminds me movies are not all dialog like I used to think. True  that when I write I see movies in my head, but writing spec screenplays I discovered it ain’t that easy, that movies should be visual action more than dialog, because dialog is for theater mostly. So this is an unmissable silent movie of the 21st century! 🙂

I also got some Bollywood goodies so here goes: Rock On!! nice movie on bands and friends and choices, with rock songs with Hindi lyrics – and apparently they’re shooting a sequel (what’s with sequels of all the 2006 movies? Dhoom2, Krrish, Rock On!! are all from 2006 and there’s a sequel in the works! :-(). And then I watched Desi Boyz, a comedy about finding unconventional jobs during a recession, with a couple of love-stories thrown in for  good measure and the obvious happy ending. Music a little too electronic for my tastes, but well… can’t have it all! 😉 And John Abraham can dance. Arf.

Finally a “period piece” (because it’s set in the 1980s, which equals “history2 in movies because he production designer must find clothes and accessories from that time, yikes!) – The Dirty Picture. It’s the only Vidya Balan picture I’ve seen so far, but she seems to be exactly how the Bollywood Addict describes her. And it’s a grear story, pity a third of the English subtitles were absent, so you heard the voice over and had no idea of what he was saying. OK, I got what happened, but I would have loved to have a translation of everything. Greedy, I know. I better go and start learning Hindi, so I’ll do without stupid subtitles!  😉

OK, I don’t normally do this, but as he turns 50 (half a century), Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran! 🙂 He always came third in my heart, but well… it’s because he’s not as tall as the other two! 😉 Gee, bad fan, I forgot to mention my favorite’s b-day two years ago… bad bad fan… Ah, well, but I bought his movie on DVD so I can watch it subtitled now, LOL! Stay tuned for that… hey, if I get it on time, I’ll review it for his b-day on June 20! 😀

Have a great weekend!

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  1. saw “the artist” a few weeks ago. it was good, liked it a lot.


    • ain’t it cool? (I know, I sound like that famous fat guy, LOL)
      Hollywood movies are so filled up with special effects, they tend to forget what movie-making is. That was a tough bet, but it paid off! 🙂



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