Writer Wednesday

So it’s spring – depression and earthquakes (real or metaphorical). The earth is still shaking in Emilia Romagna (not that I feel it, but I have friends there) and DayJob is shaky for the “new” tax that should be paid by June 18th. The only good thing Mr.B had done was eliminate the tax on “first house” (if you have money to buy a second or third house, you also have money to pay taxes on those, right?) – now it’s back. And a region of Italy has no houses to account for. Can’t the government take the hint and try to find the money where it actually is instead of taxing poor citizens that have lost their roofs?

Anyway, at DayJob we’re supposed to accept payment for that tax, and the management doesn’t seem to know how to handle the “emergency”. So it’s a constant flux of e-mails and instructions and they have no idea of what to do. We’re already losing professionality without this mess. So – depression for five hours a day. Can’t quit yet, because the other source of depression comes from Real Job or Indie Publishing. Smashwords is backlogged with the premium catalog and keeps rejecting novels without TOCs, Amazon KDP has probably found too many pirated books among the freebies and wants to be sure I’m the owner of my own copyright and every day I seem to be wading a river of mud instead of just another day. Add the crazy weather with temperatures going yo-yo, and you can imagine how I look forward to being off everything for a couple of weeks.

The only thing that keeps me happy in all this? Well, writing, of course. On Silvery Earth they don’t have phones, PCs and the internet and life is much simpler, LOL! Which means I’ll never stop writing, but I might slow down the publishing part – I probably was going too fast. So stop, breathe and then keep going. I mean keep writing. If it’s not ready, don’t hit “publish”. I might publish a couple of Italian shorts, but I’m not really selling any Italian titles (did I mention Italians don’t read?), so why bother? I’ll just go back to writing the next English book.

And maybe eventually I’ll have covers like Joe Konrath. I mean, even Dean Wesley Smith and WMG Publishing are redoing their covers, but I don’t want to change the looks of Silvery Earth’s titles yet… Unless everybody at Chicon7 tells me my covers suck, that is! 🙂 Anyhow, better go back to writing now. It eases my depression, you see! 😉

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