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So, the earth is still shaky in northern Italy and the dead toll has risen to 16. My friend near Modena sent me a picture of her half-crumbled office place, luckily nobody was inside, so it’s only building damage. INGV also has an English section if you want news of any earthquake (it doesn’t concentrate only on Italian earthquakes and volcanoes, although they’re the main focus). There’s also a neat little page where you can say what you felt (OK, there’s the link, but then it’s all in Italian) – I filled it when I felt the L’Aquila shake.

On to other topics – does anyone know how to block pop-ups on Yahoo mail? Easyjet’s ads have become really annoying, I’m sick of closing those pop-ups everytime I open a new e-mail (and I have a mailing list there, so lots of e-mails). One thing’s for sure: I’ll NEVER EVER fly Easyjet only because their stupid pop-ups annoyed me while checking my Yahoo mail. I don’t like low cost companies, but this one really got on my nerves. So kudos, Easyjet, you’ve just lost a customer.

I’ve always hated ads, so I thank the inventor of remote control for TVs – although I don’t watch TV anymore, in fact I’m stuck to 1980s TV ads, because in the 1990s I had a VCR (remember those? ;-)) so I recorded what I wanted to see and FF the ads. On the internet, the most annoying are the pop-ups. It’s easy to ignore the side-ads, but those stupid pop-ups… OK, most browsers block them, but Yahoo obviously doesn’t care. Grr. I like my Yahoo e-addy because it’s a .com. Hotmail gave me a .it addy. Sigh.

I will spare you a Friday rant about one of the most unprofessional writers I’ve ever met, he’s on Goodreads, and I’m not naming him, because even saying negative things is still talking and sending people his way – which I don’t want, LOL. But I know why indie publishing has a bad name, thanks to people like that guy. Grunt. Thank God for all the other great people (writers and readers) that populate the internet! 🙂

I am closing this post with a writer-related article on business decisions for publishing careers. I have made mine, but as you can see there are many other options. As long as you’re honest with yourself and set realistic goals. I am a control freak, probably, but  eventually I might try a small press – whenever I get back to that historical novel, for example. Because it’s one book, my first in that genre and I’m not in a hurry to publish it, so I could deal with trad publishing slothness! 🙂

So, have a great weekend! No Sunday post unless you want an excerpt of something…

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