Writer wednesday – blog hop results

So, it was so intense I didn’t have time to watch any movies, LOL! But I did have fun reading the 280 blog posts of the Hop Against Homphobia  and have piled up a few more titles (as if I didn’t have enough to read already, LOL).  And I won 3 e-books, yay!

Now, for my part. A very special thanks to the 100+ visitors that showed up on my blog (pretty down the line, so I’m sure most didn’t make it this far) and the 10+ who left comments. I actually did two drawings, so I have two winners.

First I had a manual draw because 1 comment was on the wrong post and Joleene had 2 (WP glitches…), so I wrote down the names and had my innocent, non-English-speaking 7-year-old nephew do the drawing.

Here’s the result. But as Joleene already knows my work (we didn’t cheat, my nephew can’t even read her name properly and my mum didn’t really help him as she can’t speak English either, LOL), I decided to do another drawing with Random.org.

So here we go, comment #8 is… Shadow Sterling! I’ve had trouble generating Smashwords coupons all of yesterday, but this morning I finally managed to do it, so I sent the coupon to them… and then I hope they’ll enjoy their copy of Allan de Sayek and give a honest review on Smashwords, Amazon, Goodreads or wherever else they can leave reviews! 🙂

Now, to new releases: the body switch is out, sorry it was late for the blog hop. Maybe next year I’ll have B.G. Hope participate and give away either one of her m/m romance stories or this novella – switch between married woman and young gay man. Go check it on Smashwords and Kindle. One copy is sold before the announcement – on Smashwords (thank you, dear reader, whoever you are – I assume you saw it on Facebook or browsing Smashwords!).

I have a few writerly links as well, with my comments, of course. Kris Rusch on the “brutal” 2000-word day – I don’t know what my daily wordcount is because I handwrite first drafts, but I am (mostly) on schedule with my publishing year. OK, CVE3 will probably be late, but as in June I’ll publish only short stories, I can relax a little with the wordcount! 😉

For those of you who constantly check your Amazon ranking, here’s a post on the algorythm.  Personally, I’m too busy writing to bother checking. I know I might not see that Amazon check this year either, but I’ll keep writing. OK, maybe after the summer I’ll have 100$ of royalties and will see that check and frame it! 😉 Anyway, I’m not really experimenting with price either, except for the double shorts of my other pen-names (two stories for 2.99$ instead of 1 at .99$) – well, it’s not really an experiment, as I don’t plan on changing it again anytime soon… Anyway, check also David Gaughran’s analysis of the whole matter.

And finally an excellent post on the changing politics of the self-publishing stigma.  Again, who are the writers’ fiercest enemies? Other writers, of course. That’s what I noticed in many critique partners I had – they wanted me to write like them or like some writing guru who wasn’t even a fiction writer said we should.  Now the book world is in the hands of readers at last. Let the readers judge you. You write for them and yourself, not for some bestselling writer you’ll never be able to emulate.

One final link is David Gaughran’s open letter to the DoJ. It’s probably gone by now, but still worth reading. I should have gone and signed it when I first heard about it, but it was a busy week last week, sigh.

Now I’ll go back to work and check your blogs and just keep writing. If it weren’t so rainy, I’d be inking SKYBAND 11 at work, but I don’t want it to get damp! 😀 Have a great week!

UPDATE about the Open Letter to the DOJ: I wrote David this morning asking if he had already sent it – he hasn’t, so if you would like to add your signature to that wonderful letter, drop him a line at the address he has given on the post! Let’s make a difference! From all over the world! 🙂

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  1. Downloaded mine 😀 yay! thanks so much – Now just waiting for my kindle to work again 😉

    Yeah, i run into that, too. there are basic rules about grammar, etc. and there are things that can make writing better (like eliminating a lot of passive tense) but there comes a point where you have to write like you. Like the passive tense. I had a comment on my chapter one that I used “she’d” three times with the hint it should be eliminated. No, those three “she’d” were necessary. There are times when the “no-no’s” work just fine.


    • as long as you know the rules and why you’re breaking them, you’re fine! 😉
      I’m going to catch up on your blog and see about the thing you mention! 😀



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