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After struggling with 2 documents for different reasons (an old Word.doc from 2004 and a brand new OpenOffice.doc typed on 2 different PCs), I think I know what the problem is. In spite of having the same version of OpenOffice on Desktop and Laptop, they don’t work the same way. Desktop (Old Guy) can’t accept what I do with Laptop (Young Gun). Grr.

I moved all my documents to Dropbox so I could work on them from any of my PCs. But when I opened BodySwitch (completed on Laptop) on Desktop, m-dashes were gone and “Senor” had lost the Spanish n again. I tried to put the m-dashes back in, but saving the document didn’t save the m-dashes on Desktop (it was easy to check, as there are 2 on page 1), so I had to work on Laptop to complete the manuscript and send it for the last editing pass. Oh, and, by the way, here’s the final cover AND title.

If it becomes a series, with Samantha switching people at will, I won’t have to retitle it, LOL! 🙂 Thanks for the input on the cover, BTW. I’ll let you know when it’s available for purchase.

Technology, friend and foe. You probably heard of the hacker attack on Kris Rusch’s sites – read a summary here and follow all the links she points you to. And don’t miss Dean’s post on agents either. He’s not the only one pissed at AAR, of course, but do you really still want an agent? After all that’s come out in the past year? You can hear also Joe Konrath’s comments on Writers House president Simon Lipskar open letter – again, happy I’m not a member of any of those (because I’m not American? Mumble mumble…). Or Passive Guy reposting the rants of Scott Eagan – worth reading the comments too, with Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath quipping in and the agent himself deleting more and more of his posts while the comments spread – maybe he has deleted his whole blog by now, LOL! And who got in his defense? Joe Konrath, saying he’s funny and does satire. Maybe, but unlike Bad Agent Sydney, he passes it off as Agent Wisdom and people might believe him. Very bad satire, Joe! 😉

I will now muse about e-book pricing here. Like I said before, there are 2 kinds of readers: the downloaders and the real readers. And I think downloaders have now filled their devices, so no need to have more free books. Here’s my experience with “free on Amazon”.

Jessamine went free last August or September. It reached #5 on Free Kindle Titles – fantasy and #277 on general Free Kindle titles in a couple of days.

BoI – Prequels went free April 30. 130 downloads the first day, and then we’re still a little over 100, 15 days later. It’s never going to climb Amazon’s list. Does that mean people are sick of free or cheap e-books? Hopefully.

And again, people who download free books, won’t come back to buy more. I have plenty of free downloads on Smashwords Premium distribution, but very few actual sales (and only at Barnes/Noble + 1 at Apple Germany *waves at her German pen-pals – is it one of you?*). At Sony and Kobo they download free titles but don’t get the paid ones. So either my free titles suck or they’re just downloaders and not readers! 😉

Now, here’s a post on how to get reviews – even from Mighty Amazon. Will have to work on that, but I’m kind of tired to beg for reviews. I’d rather they come unsolicited, LOL! So please, my beloved 5 readers are kindly requested to leave reviews on Amazon, Smashwords or wherever they can, thank you! 😀 Am I the only reader who chooses his next read based only on blurb&cover without checking the sample and/or the reviews? Sigh.

OK, I don’t care, I’m proud to be a black sheep, LOL! 😀 Guess you have enough images today, so I’ll leave my Sunday drawing (I had to decompress after fighting with Open Office for one day and a half! ;-)) for Random Friday… Have a great week!

p.s. I signed up for a blog hop, so tomorrow you’ll have an extra post that will stay up “sticky” until the 20th… I signed really late, but thanks to Arshad Ahsanuddin who mentioned it on Goodreads. So in less tht 24 hours you’ll have a new post that will stay at the top of this page for the next 4 or 5 days – scroll down for regular Friday post.  Stay tuned for the Hop Against Homophobia! Tomorrow on this very blog! 😀

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