Random Friday

So, after the weekend spent re-reading/editing my novels and three afternoons spent struggling with formatting (if it was my first novel, I’d have given up in frustration, LOL! Glad it the 30th or something!), I took an evening off to go through the pile of DVDs to watch. Which means I watched one, of course.

Top of the pile was James Ivory’s The Householder, that I found for 3euros like others I’ve mentioned on this blog. It’s from the 1960s, black&white and hadn’t been dubbed, so I got the original version with Italian subtitles. It was all shot in Delhi, pity for the B&W (but after so many Bollywood movies, I could almost see the colors, LOL!). I liked the story – and in case you’re wondering, no, it’s not Bollywood, it’s James Ivory (or “Merchant Ivory Production”) shooting a movie in India, based on a novel.

I liked the extras, an interview with protagonist Shashi Kapoor remembering his casting and how he convinced the writer that he was the right guy for the part (reminds me of Mr.Cruise  and Mrs Rice… I’d have happily lived without Mr.Cruise, but luckily Mr. Pitt stole the scene and I forgot the other guy. I digress, sorry). And there was the short “The creation of woman” with those wonderful dancers that left me gaping (especially the males, as I’m used to women after Kama Sutra, LOL). I guess even traditional dances from India fascinate me…

I still have to watch the other extra, “The road to Delhi” (50min.), but as I wasted those three afternoons (grrr) and fell behind with CVE3 (beta&editors, I’m almost done, you’ll get it during the weekend, I promise!), I just skipped it for now. Add to this that it’s spring and spending an afternoon reading a novel, albeit mine (and I’m my #1 fan, even if I don’t write reviews of my own books! ;-)), kept me falling asleep at the wrong times. So more “wasted” time, no original reading I can rant about and one DVD extra missing. For a 3euro/60s movie DVD that’s a lot of extras anyway! 🙂

Oh, and Happy Fangirl Barb thanks Terry Moore for the mention! 😉 As Wednesday I rambled on and on, this post I’ll keep short. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for the cover, either here or on Goodreads, and have a great weekend! Still have to decide if post something on Sunday or not… Any suggestions?

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