Sunday musings

OK, I want to publicly thank my new beta Kelly – who will probably see this on my Goodreads feed – for her comment on her first read.

I did like that Samantha is pissed at someone interfereing with her magic while simultaneously unrepentant about possibly seriously f-ing up four lives. It makes me curious about her, wonder more about what sort of things she’s done, if she feels so righteous about switching bodies, which is good because it allows a reader access to your other worlds/works (if Samantha is the character from Silvery Earth).

Now, Samantha is a real witch, but this particular book is NOT tied to Barbara G.Tarn and Silvery Earth. It’s under my other pen-name, B.G.Hope. It’s not a secret I’m prolific and I’d rather keep genres apart. I’m not giving away my real family name anyway (LOL) and I’m not going to establish a Facebook page or Goodreads Author profile for B.G., but there is some fantasy in some of her stories. Like the one Kelly read above, which is about a body switch. That’s labeled fantasy, right?

So, I’ve been thinking, maybe I could have Silvery Earth with both pen-names. Barbara G.Tarn has the “new” Silvery Earth with its two millennia of history and medieval settings (sometimes more exotic because inspired to India/Persia or Japan/China or Africa) the chronology of which you can find at the top of this blog, along with the maps. B.G.Hope has the “old” version of Silvery Earth, that had immortal and very young inhabitants that sometimes interfere with our Earth (much like the aforementioned Samantha is doing). I have some contemporary stories with a touch of magic + the old original stories from Silvery Earth, so those could come out under this second pen-name.

Whenever I set up the Silvery Earth page (either as web-site or Facebook page) it will have two “columns”, one for the old and one for the new Silvery Earth, with the two authors names. As for Samantha the witch, she will be in Body Switch out sometime later this month…

Because it’s Sunday, I’ll end this post with a short excerpt from this upcoming novella (unedited). So, from upcoming Body Switch, please welcome Samantha the witch!

Samantha sat in the lotus position, candles burning all around her. Her eyes were closed and she was deep in meditation. She could hear the voices again.

“Still, sometimes I wish I was born a man,” Marian told Valery, unaware Samantha was close enough to hear her.

“I want breasts. Like Doris,” Johnny said.

“And I’d be gay, of course,” Marian added.

“I’d do the full sex switch if I had the money,” Johnny said.

It made sense.

Samantha took a deep breath.

“So. Be. It.”

A thunderstorm hit.

Have a great weekend!

On last thing… Kris Rusch’s site has been under attack by hackers since Thrusday, because she posted relevant information for writers (as she usually does every Thursday). Go read her informative post on the Passive Guy before they hack him too! 🙂

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  1. sounds like an interesting story! 😀



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