Random Friday

Sooo, more ramblings about Torino Comics, LOL! 😀

Happy Fangirl Barb got to sit next to her favorite author for 3 days, fending off fans and helping with the translations… Some of them asked if Terry had done my portraits (he doesn’t do portraits) and then decided I was the inspiration for Francine (SiP main character)… pity she was conceived some 20 years ago and I had met him two days before! 😉 Besides, I might have Francine’s face and height, but definitely Katchoo’s body, LOL!

Barb & Terry Moore

During a break between drawing sessions (for Terry, not for me), I wandered through the building because I knew Richard Hatch was there. Now, being old enough to have followed the original Battlestar Galactica (yes, I know he’s in the reboot, but I don’t watch TV anymore, so I won’t watch it) AND Apollo being my favorite character, I had to buy his autographed picture… Yeah, I still do things like that! 😉

I practiced my French as there were a couple of French fans and at some point I was so tired I started mixing languages, LOL.  All in all it was three most wonderful days and I was very unhappy to hop on my Intercity train and go back to DayJob.

Also because on Wednesday a colleague had a heart attack and the ambulance took 30 minutes (and 3 or 4 frantic calls to our emergency number) to arrive. Luckily they arrived on time, but he’s still at the hospital. Sigh.

Today ATAC and Telecom are on strike, it’s some kind of general strike of one of the biggest unions, but my DayJob doesn’t do it… so I have to go by car as there are no buses. Meh. We need to revise our laws on work or I must emigrate to a more civil country! 😉

Now I better go back to work – some Happiness is… to complete and other minor stuff. I’ll try to pick a Sunday Excerpt this time! 🙂 Oh and don’t forget Books of the Immortals – Prequels made it to Kobo! And to Sony – yay, I even found my Sony US page! Please go and tell Amazon of the lower (FREE) price, thank you! :-)

Have a great weekend! I have a wedding and some work to do and I hope to dream of my Muse again, which happened Thursday morning (probably one glance too many to that latest Happiness Is… LOL!)! 😀

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  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! 😀



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