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So, I missed a Sunday post, LOL! You can tell I needed a break… And great break it was! Five days without writing, and reading very little. But still mulling about ongoing projects, and discussing writing with other creators, so the break was only from the actual writing. And no, I don’t feel guilty because I didn’t write. I know I’ll catch up! 😉

Thursday I took my fast train to Torino and spent the next three days at former FIAT factory, Lingotto, for Torino Comics. You can read of past editions on this blog (2010 and 2011) but this one was very special for me, and I’ll ramble about it for the rest of the week, so brace yourselves (and be happy I don’t blog daily anymore), LOL!

This year I spent the whole three days at the comicon because I was assisting (except during the one panel he had) the guest of honor, Mr Terry Moore. If you haven’t read Strangers in Paradise yet, go grab it now. I re-read it all on Easter Monday (and the following Tuesday) and cried over it again. It’s a graphic novel and the way it’s told (prose, comic, song lyrics, poems) inspired me for SKYBAND – heck, I wanted to write the screenplays when I was trying to conquer Hollywood! 🙂

Anyway, I finally got to meet the creator and talk to him and his wonderful wife about the joys and sorrows of creating something and publishing it. He, being mostly an artist, works with a sketchbook; me, being mostly a writer, I have my moleskin and notebooks. But the process is fairly similar. Of course drawing a graphic novel takes much longer than writing a novel! 🙂

character from graphic novel (David of SiP) carries Barb's book... swoon!

As I helped with translations on a couple of interviews I also got to know more about the genesis of my favorite graphic novel and I thought that by the end of the Comicon – sitting next to such a great artist for three days – I wouldn’t touch a pencil for a month, but on Sunday the place was so crowded (record of presences, but it was 3 very rainy days – where could people go but there? ;-)) I just sat down and started… drawing. I should have bought SYBAND 11, LOL!

I also hope to hire Terry to do my covers in 2015 (Terry, if you’re reading this, I know I said 2016, but I checked my publishing schedule and that trilogy is actually for 2015, LOL) for a project that is still in outline/research state – so my pitch to him was vague because I myself haven’t thoroughly thought about it yet… but knowing I can have Terry Moore’s covers makes me want to go and write it right now! 🙂

Other writerly discussions were about “throwing away” my old stuff – no way, I’m “throwing it out there”, and like Dean says, if I’m not proud of it, I’ll put another pen-name (one you haven’t heard before) and just put it out there. I know that the next new thing I write will be better than the old ones, but I don’t want to throw away old ideas either.

Terry has notes of graphic novels that will never be. I also have notes and outlines of stories I’ll never write. But stories that are already written and only need a polish or a translation… why throw them away? Get ready to be flooded with my writing! 🙂 Not all of them, but at least half why not. Some ideas were good, just poorly executed for lack of experience on my part. Why discard them altogether?

Of course the ones that were writing experiments/exercises or were written only for myself will stay on my bookshelves (handwritten on notebooks) or on my hard drive, but everything else goes out in the world, and even if I sell one copy every three months it will still be more than not selling any, right? 😉

Anyway, I’m back – to writing and reading as well. I’m revising/rewriting my sci-fi title while I type CVE3 so I can send them both out to betas ASAP. Sorry I didn’t visit any blog and don’t have links to share, but it’s been a busy week! 🙂 Friday you’ll have Happy Fangirl Barb rambling about the Comicon, but this writer here better cut this short and get back to work.

Oh, I found a few more happiness during those five days, so the “recycling” of old vignettes is postponed! 😀

Now I’m off to writing… and reading a PAPER book – I brought my Kindle to Torino, but only read a couple of chapters of Kris Rusch’s Freelancer’s Guide. Have a great week!

UPDATE! I still don’t see it on Barnes&Nobles, but Books of the Immortals – Prequels made it to Kobo! Please go and tell Amazon of the lower (FREE) price, thank you! 🙂

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  1. that all sounds like fun.



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