Random Friday A to Z

Because April is the month of A to Z challenge that is happening on so many blogs, but I don’t want to waste a whole month with daily posts about the letters of the alphabet, I’m just doing this one post of randomness, meaning I’ll do the A to Z challenge in one day and referring both to the author and the human (?) being. So Life, The Universe and whatnot. In non specific order except for the alphabetical one! 🙂

A as Air, the first (in alphabetical order) of the five elements. Also the air I breathe, and that gives life – if we don’t pollute it too much.

B as Best Books Evah – just fill in with your favorite titles here. As a reader, I’m very happy about the digital revolution.

C as creative mind, creative process, creative whatever you want that makes your brain churn out good or bad ideas, but keeps you… well… creative! 🙂

D as do-it-yourself, it’s often faster than waiting for somebody else. And it boosts your self-confidence! Why rely on others when you can do it yourself? 😉

E as elemental, or the five elements (present also on Silvery Earth). In this case Ether and Earth.

F as Fire, another one of the five elements.

G as Gaia, the other name of Mother Earth. Quite mad at us at the moment, but who can blame her?

H as human being – maybe. Yes, I am a human being in this present incarnation. Next one, we’ll see! 😉

I as International Alphabet! In Italian we don’t have J, K, W, X and Y. My colleagues are always at loss when placing names with those letters in alphabetical order. I’m lucky because I actually learned the alphabet in France where all those letters exist! 🙂

J as jolly joker – because it sounds fun and has two Js in it! 🙂

K as Kindle, of course! Because I’m not a Mac user and have only i-Nothings, I’ll put the Kindle here! Still have to find him a name (I know it’s a “he” because I let him read to me from time to time, LOL!). Maybe I should call him like my Muse, who could also be listed here – except he (the man) has a sexy husky voice, while it (da Kindle) is sorta robotic…

L as life, the universe… OK, you got it. Life and Love, the two most important Ls of the universe.

M as movement – of life, of changes, of evolution itself. Just try to stick to your own pace and don’t let anyone get in the way.

N as nature rebirth a.k.a. spring (but I used the S for something else, LOL), which makes me drowsy and sleepy all day long.

O as obsession about whatever you want to be obsessed about! As long as it doesn’t turn into depression, of course.

P as passion with whatever you do. Writing, drawing, day-dreaming (for me), cooking, going to live shows, take your pick of favorite things and go for them! 🙂

Q as question: why are there so few words beginning with Q?!

R as randomness, and I mean total randomness of this post and it’s answers. But well, it was just a filler, LOL!

S as shopping online – for books, ebooks, DVDs and now even clothes! Yikes!

T as technology, this monster that is eating us alive through the world wide web! Human beware! 😀

U as universe – here’s to our extraterrestrial brothers, that they might visit soon! 🙂 (Can you tell I’m researching for a sci-fi novel at the moment? ;-))

V as videos on YouTube – which I normally don’t watch unless I’m looking for a long lost song from the 1980s (and then I turn it into MP3, so I can listen to it on MegaTiny, LOL).

W as Water, the last (in alphabetical order, not of importance) element.

X as xeroxed fanzines of the 1990s… fond memories of those! 🙂

Y as yawn, is this over yet?

Z as zzzz… I’m going back to bed. It’s spring and I’m constantly tired…

Wishing you a Happy Easter! 🙂

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