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OK, I don’t know where this should actually go, so I’m randomly putting it here. I read on one of my regular monthly Italian mags about World Bank, Doing Business project. As I’ve been thinking of starting a publishing business, but got stuck in the process, I was very curious to see where Italy is on the list. If the US are steady at #4 and the UK dropped from 6 to 7 (the lower the number, the easier it is to start a business), Italy dropped from #83 to #87 (out of 138 countries). There is no such thing as D.B.A., which sounded so simple when I heard it from Dean last October.

Why oh why do I live in a country with such complicated business laws?! (Not to mention everything else, but I will spare you the rest) Should I look for a partner and emigrate to a more civil country to start my business?!  😦 Gee, I’m stuck for now – paid house, steady job, either I ask that unpaid leave and try to move away for six months to a year, or I don’t know what to do. Why does it have to be so complicated? Can we all go back to barter, please? I’ll probably starve if the baker doesn’t like my short stories, but still… looking forward to get rid of the Money God! 🙂

Other random topic: I read In My ShoesI won this book in a giveaway, which means I might have not put it on my TBR list, but I enjoyed it nevertheless – in spite of not being the target audience. It’s a fun read, the only critique I have is the use of first person but from two characters point of view, which sometimes makes it hard to understand who’s talking until a few paragraphs in the chapter as both characters sound the same. It’s a great body swap story, though, and I’m glad I had the chance to read it! That was the official review, but the following ramble is not really a review although the thought came out of reading that book.

Like I said, I normally don’t identify myself with the characters in books or movies and in this case it was impossible, BUT it made me reminisce MY (long lost) teens, when only 2 girls wore make-up in my class. And I myself have worn make-up maybe five times in my life. I have never ever needed two hours to get ready to go anywhere (like Nicole in the book) – because I’m lazy, mostly, haha! Or I have a very strong male part or a very efficient female part, who knows. I’ve been the warrior woman for many years, wearing mostly jeans because I also had a scooter – then I sold it, started using buses again and skirts came back. Long, wide, comfy skirts. Warm jumpers because I’m always cold. Comfy shoes with low heels (flats hurt my back and I’m already 5’8 or 179cm, so no high heels needed). That’s why I don’t recognize myself in most women’s behaviors. I’m one of a kind and proud of it, LOL! 😉

Anyway, back to the book, if you’d like to read a body swap story, go check it. Now Happy Fan Girl Barb got her latest Colleen Doran and is very happy. Especially for the Kovar print because, hey, he’s from my favorite graphic novel all-Colleen A Distant Soil. Now I enjoyed this other story (and Colleen’s art, arf!), especially issue #3 that deals with artists/writers.

I’m beginning to thing it’s Blog Award Year as the wonderful Jo Naylor passed me the Lovely Blog award – which I already had, so I’m not passing it on, haha. Well, if you really really want it, please go grab it on my behalf from Joleene’s blog! 🙂 Who, by the way, has the best vampire stories since Ann Rice, so if you want vampires, go check her Amarantine series!

Now, as I prepare for a Bollywood night with a friend, let me rephrase Luck by Chance (through hastily copied subtitles, hence might not be the exact quote): It’s easy to be an actor in Hollywood. The Hindi film hero not only acts, but he also sings, dances, does comedy and excels at action. My brothers, it takes a lot of talent to be a hero in Bollywood. And it does indeed! So, as I introduce my friend to Kites (because Kabir Bedi is in it, and us Italians will always remember him as Sandokan, LOL), I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 🙂

Barb's diary 1977-1978

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  1. The only way I can deal with overly/unnecessarily complicated things is: they make life just a bit more interesting. (I’m not claiming it always works, though ;).)

    You’re so right that it’s not easy to be a hero in Bollywood movies, but that still doesn’t stop people who cannot emote for their life from trying. Case in point: Kabir Bedi. Hope you enjoy “Kites.” It was too much hype over too little, I felt….


    • I have already seen Kites – twice. It’s less Bollywoodish than usual, hence I’m showing it to a friend. She hates the things I like the most of Bollywood, the songs and dances! 🙂 So with the excuse of Kabir Bedi, I hope to show her what Hritik can do (and he CAN dance, arf!) and see if I can convince her to check more… 😉


  2. if you want business friendly don;t move to the US – each state has different laws, so it just depends where you are. Missouri sucks, by the way.


    • I guess I’ll stick to the Old World… in a more civilized country! 😉 Although England is an island of its own… 😀



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