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About random facts of life – yesterday was Women’s Day, which has been celebrated in Italy, like, forever by destroying mimosa trees to offer those yellow flowers to women.  Which is something I could never stand because 1) I don’t believe Women’s Day should be one day out of 365; 2) my nose hates all smells, including the so-called perfume of mimosa flowers – after 10 minutes next to a little branch I get a giant migraine.

So for the past 20 years or so, March 8th has been only the birthday of the only woman I know who should actually celebrate that day – she’s lucky, she gets “auguri” and wishes  even from strangers, who think they owe them because it’s Women’s Day, when it’s actually her birthday! 😉 So, (late) Happy Birthday, Chiara!

Usually it was my boss or the company that offered mimosa to all the women on that day. Yesterday I went to have my usual cappuccino and there was the daughter of the coffee owner (she’s around 6, if I remember correctly, she’s slightly younger than my nephew) who offered mimosa to every woman that entered her father’s shop. When she saw me put it back on the table (I hate see things go to waste, especially flowers), I had to explain to her I’m allergic to the smell. She looked aghast! Hope her dad will explain to her what it means! 😉

You might have guessed by now I’m not really into “traditional” holidays or festivities. I see no meaning in them, especially the ones like Women’s Day – but then, that’s why I have the Amazons on Silvery Earth. I doubt they allow their men to have Men’s Day, LOL! They (men) should be grateful they(Amazons)  stopped stopped sacrificing them (men) on the Goddess’s altar every fall! 😉 Heh, talk about Men’s Day! A human sacrifice,  haha! Barbarian? Well, that’s my name, in case you didn’t notice! 😉

I mean, why only one day a year for such causes? Why not every day? That’s why I don’t celebrate these things – but try to be gracious about it, at least with poor 6-year-olds who don’t know better! 😀 Yeah, you can say it, I’m a grumpy old woman (and I’m not even half a century yet), but it’s the same with the “Year of…”.  In the seventies there was the Year of Childhood (I think it was 1977, somewhere I still have the stickers to prove it). And then there was a song about the “Year of Love”, but apparently it’s still to come – after more than 30 years. (The following video is static, so you can keep reading while you listen)

Translation of the French lyrics?  “There was a year for childhood/ but it’s gone, we don’t talk about it anymore/The year of Woman passed/ and nothing changed/ nobody won or lost/still a program /to try to make us forget/ that everywhere on earth/ it’s the year of war/ but when the year of love will come/ how much will we love each other” and on it goes – you get the idea. That was the 1970s and it’s still valid today.

This year I also have two weddings to attend. Huff. Considering the high number of divorces in this very catholic country, I wonder why people still bother. Just move in together and save your money – it’s a financial crisis time! 😦 I guess I got turned off weddings after Muriel’s Wedding back in the 1990s – when the divorce rate wasn’t this high, LOL! 🙂 Which also means I won’t buy a new dress for either wedding – sorry, friends, you’ll see me again with the dress I wore at Cristina’s wedding years ago (it’s the same bunch of friends, the comic-book-lovers) – and that I bought for my brother’s wedding.

So that’s why I don’t celebrate any of that… But I celebrate it’s Friday  *yay!* and the weekend is coming! 😀 I hope to get to see almost-4-hours-long Lagaan (about Victorian… India) and get on with CVE3 – my favorite, and actually the first book about the Varian Empire I wrote so long ago (the very first version was from 1993, I’m working on the typed version of 2001 and edit as I translate because Silvery Earth changed in the meanwhile) and maybe do some pencil drawings as well (at least one. And I’m changing subject after 11 years. Yikes!).

Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of the great sales on Smashwords for the last days of e-book week! Hey, I’m even on Self-published Author’s Lounge in the same post with Jo! 😀 Have a great weekend!

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  1. I told my wife that it “womens day” wasn’t a proper holiday as here in America they don’t have a card for it, and Americans have a card for most everything. She didn’t really disagree. That was about as far as that was mentioned in our house.

    Interesting point about weddings. I’ve seen Muriel’s wedding a lot over the years, I think the first time on a date (which likely didn’t go much further). I really like it, although I never really connected it with a wedding of my own. My wife and I were not desperate to get married, it is just what happened.


    • Women’s Day is supposed to be international, but, like I said, I don’t care. And we don’t have cards for that either – but we destroy mimosa trees! 😉
      I think Muriel’s Wedding opened my eyes on the dream of “getting married” no matter to whom, as long as you walk down that aisle. Darn stupid, but at the time I still believed in fairy tales. Of course happy marriages happen. But I’m not interested in that at this time…


  2. sounds kind of like mother’s day here. I’m with you, though, and have always found those kind of holidays to be a bit ridiculous. We’ve never done much on any of them.


    • father’s day, valentine day, and on and on and on – commercial holidays that feel so fake I just stay away from them… 😉


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