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The past week has been afire with the Smashwords/Paypal controversy… you can read more articulated discussions than anything I could say on Kenra, Kris Rusch and Georgina‘s blogs – two quite opposite American POVs and one Aussie… Personally, I don’t have anything to add. But I live in a country where the minister of finances is a banker and is limiting cash flow through laws so that everybody will have to open a bank account…so I was really hoping to start using my PayPal account when I manage to quit DayJob – no more banks, thank you!

Obviously not for this lifetime, or at least this year, though. And apparently the alternative to PayPal is WePay, but I’m probably too lazy to switch at the moment (like Loralie says in her post on Twitter followers – another reason NOT to get on Twitter, LOL)! 😉

And then I followed Mark Coker’s suggestion (because I got the “publisher” e-mail, I won’t get the other users email).

Mentioned in the email is a book that represents the best $.99 you can spend anywhere – a parody on the PayPal drama titled, Two People Having Sex.  Brilliant brilliant.  Buy it.

I did and downloaded it. It’s brilliant and funny as he says! 😉 It’s also very short, so really, give it a shot – I love parodies when they’re well done! 😀

It’s still Read an e-book week on Smashwords, so make sure to check all the deals you can find, including the BoI, TSK and Soul Stealers with 50% off. And don’t forget to check the deals on Self-Published Author’s Lounge – the whole week is full of them (like, five a day, so go check them – including Soul Stealers, if I submitted it right!)!

And then, after you’ve bought and read all those wonderful ebooks, tell your stories about books and send them to… Stories About Books! You don’t have to ramble as much as I did, but please do tell your book-related stories! 😉

What I’m trying to do with my weekly vignette Happiness Is (which, by the way, will cover only this month, so next month I’ll start “recycling” old vignettes, I do have two years and a half of them anyway! ;-)) is well summed up by Michelle – we better find our true happiness soon, live in the present and feel happier, which will increase our production etc…

One last post about agents by Dean Wesley Smith with links worth following and the separate comment of Passive Guy on the matter – if you want to hear the lawyer’s POV, of course… What I like about these discussions on the internet, is that there’s always the funny/parody version somewhere…

As announced, Allan de Sayek is finally out on Kindle and Smashwords! I better start working on the print edition of both this story and CVE – The Spell now…

And… uhm… I still need betas for the body switch story… please? There is no rape, bestiality or pedophilia, I swear! 😉 Although it’s a swap between a married woman and a gay young man, so some controversy is bound to arise… but I don’t write erotica, so don’t worry! 😀

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  1. I must be living under a rock because I didn’t know about the paypal controversy. I’ll have to go find out what that’s all about now. Thanks for the headsup!



    • if you don’t use Smashwords, you probably haven’t heard… but apparently it’s not the first time PayPal “censors” something – see the comments in the various links…


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