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Smashwords has been down most of yesterday and KDP isn’t that fast in making books public, but finally before dinner I was able to upload also on Smashwords. Except they were backlogged, so I didn’t manage to see the titles go live before going to bed. I might have to update with the links today, whenever I find them.

New releases: Books of the Immortals – Prequels FREE on Smashwords (when it gets premium distribution, I’ll ask you to go and tell Amazon about it, LOL) and Love&Prejudice by B.G.Hope – revised edition. Also during the weekend I went on Lulu, so now you have 5 more issues of S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. + Omnibus 2 – all in print and available. Next weekend I hope to work on the PDFs for DriveThruComics although I’ll sell only the single issues there, as the PDFs of Omnibus are too big.

I also participated in the Self-Publishing Survey with only less-than-50-bucks royalties for 2011 (on all sites, so I haven’t seen a dime, LOL!), please help them to reach their 1000 Indie Authors goal: if you’re indie/self-published go and waste 20 minutes there instead of wasting time on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter or your favorite social network/time waster! šŸ˜‰

The Technium talked about the 1000 True Fans, but the post (AND the updates – haven’t read the comments, though) are from 2008, so before Amanda Hocking. I think now it’s easier to reach those 1000 True Fans and be able to quit your day job.

My indie publishing expenses were higher last year than what Dean and Kris mention in their posts, but I live in a non-English-speaking country and had to hire editors. Although attending the Think like a publisher workshop and finding cheaper editors and new betas should see my expenses plummet this year. Last year I also paid my friend Cristina for the BoI covers, so hopefully this year I’ll spend less and earn more.

Before Smashwords crashed, I managed to see I sold one copy of the Italian novel on B&N – some Italian who emigrated to the US? Considering I haven’t sold any on Kindle Italia… I’m happy! For more on the Amazon/B&N/Big 6 feuds, you have Writers Beware and Joe Konrath (guess whose side Joe is on? ;-)). Personally, I won’t keep all eggs in one basket. I haven’t sold a copy on XinXii yet, but I’ve just started – less than a month ago – and it took me a couple of months to start selling on Smashwords and KDP, so I’m not in a hurry.

And now I’ll stop checking those numbers, like Shelli Johnson suggests. Reminder to myself: write from your heart, and don’t bother with numbers – you were never good at math anyway! šŸ˜‰

I’m also reading the Ninc Binder where at some point they mention guest posts or blog posts in general should be 250-500 words long (which goes along Stephannie Beman’s post on 9 blogging tips). Now, that’s what I did last year with my shorter daily posts, and it took me almost two years to find 40 subscribers. Now I post longer posts every other day and I’ve found 40 more in six months (although the new blog schedule is only 2 months old).

Which means Dean is right once again: no blind following the “rules”, do what works for you! For me, as I plan on writing much more this year and publish under 2 pen-names (3, but the Italian stuff only needs revising and formatting, so I don’t count it as writing), the new schedule with less-but-longer posts works just fine.

I’ll also follow less blogs because I want to read more fiction – which includes the manuscripts I requested from Loralie’s Crit Partners Blogfest) and until I can quit Day Job, I’ll have to limit my interaction with other bloggers/authors. Sorry guys&gals, got some writing to do! šŸ˜‰

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  1. Viv

     /  15/02/2012

    I tried to do the survey but it was so badly put together as to be impossible to fill in if your earnings are not in $ and if you’ve been doing it for less than a year. Not enough options in many categories. I’m also not sure what point the survey has other than bean counting.


    • I don’t know what’s the point of the survey and I left some blanks too, but hopefully they’ll get enough replies to come up with something. Yeah, it’s probably only bean counting… but it makes me feel less lonely in the 50-buck-on-all-platforms-for-2011 category! šŸ˜‰


  2. TheOthers1

     /  15/02/2012

    You’re very busy! I know you aren’t supposed to be looking at your numbers, but good luck with your sales! I’d like to be to this point in the next six months to a year. Publishing is always the ultimate goal. If I can mine the gold that is my file of unedited stories, maybe that’ll happen. Anyway, here’s to quitting ones day job!


    • Amen to quitting Day Job (written from DayJob PC, where I arrived late so I couldn’t update the post earlier – and Love&Prejudice failed to convert yesterday, so I had to redo it now)! šŸ™‚
      I know you’ll be to this point in the next six months to a year. No reason to let stories rot on hard drive. Put them out, somebody will love them – and if you’re successful enough, you’ll also find lots of haters! šŸ™‚
      Happy writing!


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