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I’d like to start this post with a few links that look back at 2011 and forward to 2012 before I comment on them.

David Gaughran’s Self-publishing Year in Review

Dean Wesley Smith looking back and keeping the writing going

Smashwords year in review 2011

My 2011 in review: I could give a list of what I published and when, but you only have to go to my Smashwords profile and Author Central page to check for yourselves. Sales? Lots of free copies to reviewers who sometimes didn’t even bother to review – if they are as backlogged as I am, I understand, though. Not going to remind them anything. Money? Less than 50 bucks between Amazon and Smashwords.

My goal was to publish books, I wasn’t hoping to sell hundreds the first year. The first sale of 2012 came in, so the new year is promising well. I’ve scheduled the writing and publishing times, and I’m ready. Watch out for the Chronicles of the Varian Empire and other titles under my other English pen-name (I have uploaded the first title of 2012, but it’s Italian, therefore I mentioned it only on my Italian blog).

First e-release coming in February: Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Spell and maybe earlier, maybe at the same time, Allan de Sayek, (which I didn’t enter in the anthology because it didn’t really fit in anymore after the rewrite). And maybe a title by BG Hope – nothing new to whoever used to read Serial Central. And don’t go there now, as I deleted that story from that blog! 😉

And here’s to hoping Smashwords new employees actually speed up admission to the Premium Catalog as it’s my only way into B&N (in spite of the rumors surrounding it, way too many to point you to a single post). With BoI – Earth I had the same problem I had had with Soul Stealers last September, it took them a month to approve it. And if handling many pen-names with KDP keeps being so complicated, I’ll stick to Smashwords for BG Hope and Barbara Sangiorgio and put only Barbara G.Tarn on KDP. Sigh. And I still have to open an account with XinXii and see what happens there.

On non-publishing writers topic, here’s another little list of links that make me think.

Kris Rusch on writers who work for cheap (both indie and trad)

Dean Wesley Smith on writer vs. author (I’m a writer, but I call myself an author because I do also graphic novels, and being both the artist and the writer of those, I call myself “author”. Maybe Dean should write it in French, which is also used for artsy directors: Autheur)

Kenra Daniels on how everybody’s a critic (or how writers can destroy other writers with their critiques)

Michelle Davisdon Argyle on when you allow others to decide your dreams

The last two both resonated with me because I had a writer burnout after trying to please everybody – so I toughened up and went back to my one-draft stories. Like Dean, I get the question “How’s your book doing” to which my answer with a blank stare has always been “which one?”. And now that I’m indie-published some even ask “And how’s the marketing?”. Me: “I’m writing the next book,” to which I get a blank stare as the person wonders why am I not wasting time on Facebook, spamming all my friends with another announcement, and why didn’t I open a Twitter account yet?

I spammed my English-speaking friends once last year when the first novel came out. I showed it to the few Italians who can read English. And still I get asked “how’s the book” doing – I have 20 titles out, darn you! If you were a friend, you’d keep up! Ah, well, I’ve given up answering to that. And most of my offline friends have given up asking! 😉

And because they don’t bother following my progress, they still tend to give me silly advice like “can’t you find a small publisher who can do the marketing for you?” (to which I’d reply “wake up, it’s the 21st century, honey! There’s nothing a small publisher can do that I can’t do myself. And I’d be limited by THEIR publishing schedule!” but I keep my mouth shut – I’m already considered an old spinster as is, LOL).

So, I’ll leave you with this list of 25 things writers should stop do with a BIG warning: Very Strong Language! If you can’t stand the F-word and other forms of very adult language, don’t follow the link.

Happy writing!

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  1. you have an Italian blog? that’s so cool. i have to check it out.


    • Yes, Ina, even if I tend to NOT say it, I have an Italian passport… But I feel international, hence I don’t state my nationality! 😉


  2. shake hands, pal. i got an italian passport too. 🙂 but i rarely get to visit..


    • I wish I could say the same… I’m stuck here. I failed in finding a foreign husband and can’t find a way to escape the darn “boot”. Ah, well, when I’m a world-famous writer, I’ll move to NY! 😀 (or Chicago. Or San Francisco. Or India. Or Japan. Or around the world for the rest of my life! :-))



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