back on track?

Barb&Techie Bro trying to awaken the stupid PC

Finally my computer seems to be back online (maybe the threat to be thrown out and substituted with Borrowed Laptop scared it enough to start working again! ;-)), so I hope to catch up with what happened in the past week, when none of the web pages opened for me (in fact I made a comment on a blog, and it never appeared, probably timed out, sigh. When I recover, I’ll try to do it again).

I have to catch up what’s going on everywhere online, so I won’t comment on that. I’ll try to finish uploading and making public the printed books I received last week (see pic), hopefully tomorrow (need to be able to cut and paste the blurbs from the e-book, don’t want to retype everything! :-().

Barb's little library

I used the forced offline time to actually draw some SKYBAND, before I start the next book (Chronicles of the Varian Empire book 2) – and running up and down Roma, I did 130km in 5 days for work. That’s 15euros of gas/fuel I’ll never see again, sigh. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to go by bus again, next week we’ll see. It’s not only having to drive 13,2km first thing in the morning, it’s also lots of rain flooding the streets and traffic jams everywhere – thank you, December! 😦 Yesterday I couldn’t even find a paying parking spot and spent 20 minutes trying to find a hole to place my poor baby (JJ is 16-year-old, and I’m not selling her, haha! Don’t want any of those stupid brand new models!).

OK, hopefully tomorrow I’ll make a more intelligent post… sorry, but I’m still very upset by the mess DayJob has become! 😦 I’m leaving you with pics of my printed babies – just out of the Lulu box and in the little library (that’s everything I had printed since 2009, and some are still private)! 🙂

latest Lulu batch

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  1. Sorry to hear about your computer issues. They’re never very fun. However, you little box of goodies look pretty incredible. I’m sure they made up for the technology fail!

    Hugs and keep up the good work.



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