I’m having problems with the internet at home, so I’m writing this from the office, just in case tomorrow I’m not able to access WP. It started with very slow opening of pages, and ended with timing out every time I try to open a link or access something. Couldn’t get on my Gmail account either. Sigh.

Hopefully the problem will be solved before this goes live and I might delete it and rewrite it, but if not, here’s something for today.

Got the printed copies of my book (I took pics, but I didn’t bring the camera, so I’ll add them next week), did some quick check of formatting, and had to re-upload 3 prose works and 2 chapters of SKYBAND. I won’t make the links live until next week, though, so more to come.

DayJob was the worst week of the year, and I’m still recovering. Sorry I didn’t have time to visit your blogs and share more links. I hate how the work PC shows the WP dashboard, so I’ll keep this short once again. More next week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sorry to hear of your problems. Hope you get the internet fixed soon. But it’s a good opportunity to do some writing without distractions!


  2. It’s been a rotten week for me too. I hope yours gets better. Take care! 🙂


    • Seems a little better… at least PC is working! 😉 Thanks!


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