Going down

OK, as I’m definitely on the “down” curve of my yo-yo moods, I better keep this short. I’m too tired and sick to do a summary of the rest of the fair. Know only that Sunday I went there only because Saturday I forgot to buy from my friend the Templar expert. So I just dropped by to pick that stuff and went back home and slept one hour and a half.

Murphy’s law was still hitting me real hard yesterday. Hectic Monday at DayJob – and being depressed didn’t help. It was pouring rain and the streets were flooded and it took 45 minutes for a 20minutes trip. By car, new place, new “job”. Not something you want on a rainy Monday morning. Hopefully it’s really temporary, and I look forward to my little walks to the bus stop every morning.

When things settle down, I’ll be a little more talkative and tell you more about the new research I stumbled upon when checking facts for the historical novel. I didn’t want to let a day go without letting you know that I’m alive – and struggling! 😉

Have a great week!

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  1. I know those slippery downslopes. Sorry to know you’re sliding. You’ll be in my thoughts! Hurry back.


    • a little better today… but DayJob still sucks. I really need to find an alternative – and it’s not easy on that side either, meh! 😦


  2. Anna Lowenstein

     /  13/12/2011

    It sounds as if you really weren’t well. I hope you’re feeling better today.


    • I’m bouncing back – slowly. Must be the age slowing me down during recoveries! 🙂


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