Fantasy National Anthem

I read a 1991 article by Isaac Asimov titled “the Star Spangled Banner”. I don’t have the rights to paste it here, nor did I actually finish reading it because – well – I’m not American and I don’t really care about the whole thing.

I’m not a patriot or a nationalist either (happens when you grow up learning 3 national anthems in 8 years! ;-)), I feel international and still dream of a world without borders, BUT I had to “reply” somehow to this paragraph:

In fact, most national anthems are hymns, slow and stately and sleep-provoking. The only two anthems, beside our own, that I can think of as blood-stirring, are the French “Marseillaise” and the old Soviet “Internationale” (which they have replaced with something that is incredibly dull).

My comment is that the Italian anthem is not as blood-stirring as the French one, but it’s not slow and sleep-provoking either (but the Swiss one is. Sleep-provoking, that is).

Anyway, my favorite was the Marseillaise, and in fact the Original Silvery Earth of the late 1970s had a national anthem with the music of the Marseillaise and words changed accordingly to include Silvery Earth, my sister’s Golden Earth and my little brother’s Fire Earth. I will spare you my French (although at the time it was much better than what it is now, LOL! I actually spoke more French than Italian – which I used only with my parents! ;-)), just imagine three Italian kids (Allons enfants!) singing the French anthem with reinvented words – something kids love to do, reinvent lyrics! 😉

I don’t know if the actual Silvery Earth has an anthem or not – probably not. In their evolution they’re no that nationalist yet. Although maybe, after Humans get rid of the Magical Races, some nationalism might show up here and there. But that’s not stories I’ll ever want to write. Wars of conquest or religious are more than enough to make my point – that humans tend to destroy everything beautiful, magic and/or simply “different”.

I saw that drawing with a musical background stops the brain from over thinking, so I better go back to drawing AND reading those manuscripts I want edited and out soon…

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