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OK, I have only one active group left on Goodreads, because I found so many new friends that I can’t quit now. So that’s where you can find me mostly (even if I belong to a couple more).

So, fellow Creative Reviewers keep exchanging tips in the open (no secret groups, thank you), and someone pointed at a site that links bloggers with businesses and said it was a good exposure. I’ll give you the link to this new site, but I haven’t tried it and I haven’t figured out how it works for authors either, but you can email this guy and ask him: Jesse Cohen at jcohen7523 (at) me (dot) com.

Plus Splitter interviewed Amy Eye about the Christmas Anthology. Go and check it – and see all those authors? OK, I’m not in it, but I’m not a Christmas person. Still I think I’ll have to try the anthology when it comes out because I like the cover and I’m curious to read the stories of my new friends! 🙂 And yes, I’ll pay for my copy like everybody else! 😉

I’m not a horror reader, but I’ll show my support to fellow Creative Reviewer Brett… go vote for his book “That which should not be”! 🙂 While I was at it I checked the other categories, but I haven’t read any of those titles (who chose them anyway?!) so that’s almost the only vote I gave.

As for me, yesterday I skipped after-dinner movie because Sunday I saved the wrong file on my PC, meaning I had to retype one chapter and a half… Something that hadn’t happened in years, but well… I got confused by the fact I was  saving also on a portable memory (to use at work – ahem, don’t tell my boss, haha!) which meant yesterday morning I opened the file and it was still the version I had saved on Friday (i.e. the first 2 chapters). I found some of it on my back-up hard drive (I did a back-up on Sunday because my “old” PC sometimes goes on strike, it didn’t turn itself on on Sunday morning, so as soon as it started in the afternoon I did a full back-up – but didn’t repeat it before switching it off, meh 😦 ), but still had to retype some of it.

But then, I watched 4 movies on Sunday, so I can skip one after-dinner movie to just write, right? OK, of the 4, two were old, and two were new and I still have that pile of new to watch, but still… I better complete that manuscript by the end of the month, as our next writers group meeting is on the 30th and I need to drop it into my alpha-reader’s lap (no, I’m not NaNoWriMoing, but I need to get it to her so she can give it back in December). Phew. Hard life of a technophobe writer (who lost a novel to a floppy disk in the 90s)…

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